In Primorye, ammunition disposed near houses



18.05.12. Residents in the border area of Primorsky Krai protest recycling live ammunition.

Blast them at the site, which is located only four kilometers away from residential areas. People complain that the shock wave broke the glass in the windows, and a distorted wall.

Svetlana Lamzurkinoy house is falling apart. Cracks appeared in the walls of almost every building Barano Orenburg. Bed ponadelal explosions — get rid of old military ordnance. The landfill disposal — too close to the village.

Of people are tired of artificial earthquakes. Some have tumbled pipe, flew in the other house windows. The initiative group was up to fifty minutes for destruction. With each explosion cracks grow, and fear is growing.

"This wave of indignation, resentment and insecurity. We gave up and actually experimenting on us: how many people will stand as sustain our houses, "- says Olga Plyuta villager.

In peace time, people do not want to be like in the war — but they do not hear. The used guns at the local landfill brought from all over the Maritime Provinces. According to plans, the active utilization of old ammunition will last for five years.

"From the point of detonation, from the epicenter, to the first houses of the village — a total of about four kilometers. That is violated all norms. And now we are striving to do to bring this ground outside of our area, "- says the head of the municipal district of the Border Igor Chervenets.

In rural culture house restlessly. Fire itself takes the leadership of where they spend the explosions. People need to stop playing war near by at civilians, but the local military commander to follow orders.

"Moving subversive field is impossible, because the shock wave at us passes through the gorges. So she just went on the town border and touched Barano Orenburg ", — says the head of the engineering team Maxim Romm.

Provide all military housing. New apartments will have officers and demolition company. But the local people can stay with a collapsed and emergency housing.

Author: Maxim Bordakov
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