In the Urals, the invasion of butterflies. Video


Updated June 1

Invasion of butterflies and flies at Pervouralsk

1.06.12.Nashestvie thousands hordes of butterflies and flies boyaryshnits recorded Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region. The last three days the insects have settled in and around the city: they clung to buildings and cars of local residents.

"Last year was a lot of butterflies boyaryshnits, they postponed the pupae and so now a lot of them, and the next year even more," — said the chief agronomist SKHPK "Bitimsky" Alexander Galitsky.

Experts say that the insects began to actively proliferate due to good weather conditions. Invasion due to the rapid warming after prolonged cold weather, as well as heavy rains that have been in the region.

Source: RIA Novosti

29.05.12.Belye butterflies in large numbers appeared in Sverdlovsk forests and fields. First fluttering clouds were found near the runway airport "Koltsovo".

Recognize in white flakes butterflies can not at once — from a distance may be confused with poplar fluff. But this is beside the road. Where more insects in the forest, they have chosen trees and puddles. Experts say that there is nothing surprising: insects too thirsty. In appearance they resemble butterflies boyaryshnits, but do not rush to the experts: in the region of about 500 species of butterflies.

But anyway, for a person flitting not dangerous, besides a couple of weeks later, the maximum invasion stops: Butterflies do not live longer.

Source: 41 channel Yekaterinburg

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