In Yekaterinburg, students pay for lunch fingerprint. Video


23.05.12.Za lunch in the school cafeteria they pay thumb or! Appeared in the Urals, Russia's first school where students and teachers spared from having to carry a purse. He replaced his finger.

Why do the authors unusual project, developed in Miass believe finger most reliable "document" as the most common finger can solve the eternal problem of schools — tasteless meals — and return the student to the dining room — has learned Irina Korobeinikova.

Second-graders Michael and Glory are in the process of biometric registration. This system is designed in Miass: project "School Window" fingerprint pupil replace him skipping school and wallet — for lunch in the cafeteria.

Now the finger — their "ally": do not forget the house, like a diary, and do not lose it. According to statistics of the school, in an average week, school maps forgets and loses every twentieth student. "This card can not be worn, and she can throw back and get lost," — said Michael Negri, a student of the second class.

Database school enough information about one finger, but in case of injuries and cuts gather information about the two — the thumb and index. The process takes only 15 seconds. Then it all depends on the Internet, mobile and credit card balance parents. "Parents just need to register your bank card in our system. And we are in a time when the baby finger to a biometric system will secure debit card with a parent "- says Alexei Morozov, company representative yuniteylera, service provider of the" School Window "(Moscow).

Service provider assures that the safety of such operations provide annual audits and accreditation from international payment systems. "I note you want me to goods with your finger, the quantity and click" make a payment "- and automatically charged" — Artem shows Heath, a student in grade 11.

Task cook-teller, standing on hand — just keep the operations of the monitor. "I see that they choose, and then — to make way", — says Natalya Turuntseva, cook.

Complex — for primary school free choice — for high school students — for lunch in the dining room watching the two computers and the dispatcher on nutrition. While colleagues in other schools, work part time, Vera Kiselyova cases enough to kiss. But the work is easier, because the bill for lunch exposes computer.

The news of his finger-"purse" the most in the school to discuss the class teacher. "We had parents hope they have enough money to pay per month — said Tatiana Zvyagina, a primary school teacher. — It was necessary to ensure that they are in a certain period this amount deposited. Now parents have worried about it. "

Previously, students had lunch on a plastic card. Forgot — note in your diary. With finger-"purse" feel like heroes detectives. But Miasskoe system developers "School Window" convinced that spies will not pass. Biometric sensors are not fooled. "Identified at the entrance or in the dining room a specific person, and not a card, not a PIN code — says Denis Beloglazov, a representative of the developer of the program" School window. " — PIN code can spy, a card can be stolen, and fingerprint speaks for itself. "

After a personal account on the school website and SMS on mobile — on school meal pupils parents find out before it's over. "I can see what the menu was, what he ate, how much he paid for it — says Natalya Borovskikh mother student. — And I can set a limit money to, say, it does not feed the whole class. "

For 3 years of implementation of the biometric system "School Window", developed in the Chelyabinsk region, the school has spent 270,000 rubles. No contributions from parents, the director, was not necessary. "All the funding comes through the district education office — is one amount, the second sum — a school that is off-budget and our budget — said Igor Klimovskikh, director of school number 76 in Yekaterinburg. — We are going to integrate the system and the network city (an electronic journal), and access to the school cafeteria and the library. In order to integrate all this, we will have to spend about 90 thousand rubles. "

Soon parents will learn all about the child: do not owe any books, whether in a medical office, it is not too late for a lesson, what marks the day received.

Source: STRC "South Ural"

Here we are, already in children fingerprints removed, the Next Great Race, with a smile, pushed themselves to the electronic concentration camp, and are happy dreams come true, then the "bright future developments", electronic money, GLONASS on the forehead, while the camera only in machines as a registrar and it is very convenient, you can press ment, and if not impudent, but this is, the farther into the forest as they say the thicker the guerrillas, connect 500 digital TV channels, it's the same thing, that's just not what you see, your TV over fiber can transmit to base all that is done in a room where a TV. Perhaps it will be interesting to watch .

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