Japanese bank launches biometric ATMs


Photo from: wordpress.com

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank 13.04.12.Yaponsky September launch ATMs that will take cash and manage funds with hand holder.

The identification of the account holder will be on hand with the introduction of pin-code and date of birth. Plastic cards will not be needed.

According m3m.ru, biometric scanners are already being used by Japanese banks for additional customer identification, albeit in limited quantities. Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is going to be the first of the rising sun, which is completely abandon cards in favor of a biometric method for determining the identity of customers.

Biometric technology for ATM was developed by Fujitsu. She identifies the man in the drawing of blood vessels of the hand without any direct contact scanner. Among Ogaki Kyoritsu emphasize that this method of authentication is much more secure than, for example, three-dimensional sensors for the fingers as a "map of veins" impossible to fake, because they are not on the surface of the palm, and the entire volume of the brush.

Source: The first channel of Eurasia

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