In human skin has special cells — melanocytes, which produce melanin coloring agent (from the Greek melanos — «black"). This pigment responsible for the color of the skin, hair and eyes. In addition, melanin protects our skin from ultraviolet radiation, acting as a kind of filter. When we tan, the melanocytes produce pigment hard. As a result of our skin covered with a tan, which not only gives it a healthy and beautiful, but also partially delays ultraviolet radiation. Pockets of accumulation of melanocytes in the skin called moles or birthmarks, on the scientific — nevi.

Melanoma— Malignant tumor the skin (less retina, brain and mucous membranes), which develops from themelanocytes. Moles are most susceptible to malignancy — about 70% of cases occur melonomy is one of them.

Melanoma occurs in both men and women, and in women 15-2 times more often. The average age of onset is about 45 years, but in recent years melanoma has become increasingly arise the very young people (15-25 years). According to statistics, for every 100,000 people for 14 patients with malignant melanoma.


The degeneration of melanocytes in the tumor cells may trigger increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation (t is an overabundance of sunlight), thermal or chemical burns, etc. It is especially dangerous when the mole (nevus) is located on the shoulder, under the hair on the head, on the sole, in perineum or on mucous membranes — a permanent injury moles can trigger the development of melanoma.

At risk are those who have a lot of freckles, age spots and thus moles. Especially if the diameter thereof is greater than 5 mm. It should be borne in mind: if the melanoma has arisen at one of the blood relatives, the risk of its occurrence in the other increases.

What do I need to pay attention to:

  • a new mole, and it is rapidly increasing in size;
  • change size, color, shape moles;
  • Moles appear in itching, burning, tingling, there nodules, ulcers;
  • mole constantly injured, bleeding.

With such a change in a mole is an urgent need to consult a dermatologist or oncologist.

What's going on?

Melanoma — the most aggressive of all malignant tumors. It grows like lightning several layers of skin, destroying it, and spreads through the lymphatic and blood vessels in other organs (lungs, brain, liver). There arise new melanoma lesions (metastases). Result of a breach of the organs and tissues affected by a tumor, can be fatal.

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