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About losing weight with the help of the Golden Needle ® is legendary. Unfortunately, this technique is not always safe. Especially when it is used by non-professionals. In the summer of 2008 the Society of Consumer Protection has published a list of clinics in which the method of Golden Needle ® used illegally and improperly, sometimes leading to tragic consequences.

The ancient Chinese way of getting rid of all sorts of ailments by setting the needle onbiologically active terms of the human body is known to the V century BC. e.: sharp bamboo sticks then treated many diseases.

The needles can work wonders in our days. The method of acupuncture (RTI) is now used to control bedwetting, dysmenorrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, ischemic and IRR. It helps to normalize the function of the endocrine and nervous systems, speed up the metabolism.

Moreover, thanks to acupuncture pipe dream for many women — to lose weight by 15-17 kg in just 45 days — became a reality. It is about the author's method Mariyat Fly Golden Needle ®. The gist of it is this: physician reflexologist sets the needle of gold at the same time on two acupuncture points on the ear tragus, and then cut away in sequence points and areas on the body — and the person begins to lose weight. In this torture themselves do not have a rigid diet. You just do not want to eat much!

IMPORTANT! By the IRT (acupuncture), there are contraindications, so before you start treatment, consult an expert.

On the human ear are located about 200 active acupuncture points. In the treatment of overweight according to the method Fly ® Installation ® and Golden Needles Magic ® earrings are utilized point 17 (point of thirst) and 18 (dot hunger) that are on the tragus ear.

Comment honored physician reflexologist clinic Federal Research clinical and experimental the center of the traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment of the Ministry of Health of Russia, K. Mr.. Nina Osipova:

"The main goal of treatment of obesity by the method of Golden Needle ® — the normalization of eating behavior. When exposed simultaneously on two acupuncture points one needle creates a much more powerful stimulus signals from the stomach — and a feeling of fullness comes much faster. In addition, the "solar metal" increases thermogenesis and metabolism. This is very important because, as you know, the metabolism of obese people is largely slowed down. "

Comment author of procedure, physician reflexologist, MD Mariyat Fly:

"From classical acupuncture this method is characterized in that one needle is inserted simultaneously in two akupunturnye point. Between points formed medical channel that has a positive effect on the entire body. The most important thing — during the treatment of obesity by means of methods of Golden Needle ® is formed in the body proper stereotype of metabolic processes and the habit of healthy eating. The needle, which we introduce and anchoring points in active ear, affects the excitability of the appetite centers in the level of the hypothalamus. "

Today, services in the field of weight loss by the method of Golden Needle ® and Magic ® earring have many private clinics, but you can not trust everyone. The points of the ear is very sensitive! After IRT method Golden Needle ® is having a serious impact on the whole body, activating the endocrine, immune and nervous systems. So are treated only by doctors who have been trained by the author techniques Mariyat Mukhina. Rights to these techniques in Russia has only a network of clinics ORIGITEYA ®.

Five golden rules of needles

1. Ask for a certificate. This year, the Union of Consumer Protection has identified over 20 medical institutions in which technique Golden Needle ® and Magic ® earring applied without the necessary training and authorization of the patent holder. Patients who have gone to such centers, not only complained about the ineffectiveness of treatment, but also to the general deterioration of health.

2. Complete the survey. Before you start treatment, you should investigate: to carry out inspection and therapeutic exhaustively ask about health status and the presence of contraindications. Only after thorough diagnosis can talk about the treaty.

3. Follow the diet. Exclude from the diet of bread, flour, sugar, canned food, chocolate, pickled foods and pickles. The basis of food — meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. 1 drink per day,5-2 liters. Eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages.

4. Tune in to the long-term operation. On average, the needle is set for a period of 1 month to 1 year. Coming to the Center ORIGITEYA ® during needle to wear every 45 days. This deadline: the doctor will assess your condition and will hold sessions of acupuncture biologically-active points of the whole body in a special recipe. Otherwise, simply sagging skin.

5. Do not expect miracles! Remember, the best effect is achieved with a total change of lifestyle. Diet, moderate exercise and adherence — the factors that will help achieve the desired results.

Source: Medical center "ORIGITEYA"

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