Odious leaders in the North Caucasus is no longer

Odious leaders in the North Caucasus is no longerHead Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov said that all of the most odious bandit leaders in the North Caucasus killed. He said this on the basis of the past in Moscow of the 11th meeting of the account management of special services of different countries.

"We were able to counteract the great international terrorist organizations, the leaders of which were in the North Caucasus, and at the present moment the obvious odious leaders were gone," — said Bortnikov told reporters.

Those present at the meeting of the heads of the intelligence agencies also shared the outlook that "Al-Qaeda, "despite the best efforts of the fighters against terrorism, as before is severe danger." This is a real threat to be reckoned with, despite those activities that have been carried out in the near future with regard to the favorites "Al-Qaeda "- the liquidation of Osama bin Laden, for example, the structure is still alive," — said head department.

On coming from "Al-Qaeda "risk including the chairman read the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Hardeep Puri." The organization itself continues to operate intensively in different parts of the world. Apart from Afghanistan and the countries of the region "Al-Qaeda "remains active in Yemen and in the activity of one of the factions in Somalia."Al-Qaeda "also maintains links with other terrorist organizations in that part of the world, which I represent," — said Puri.

Head FSB also commented refused information on availability in the U.S. allegations Tipo 11 Russian spies. Bortnikov told reporters that he gave the order service managers that have to do with it, to gather accurate information and draw conclusions. "A voice within the time … want to understand what happened in fact" — he singled out.

Earlier that in a new spy scandal "a lot of unknown," said a Russian Foreign Ministry. According to the official dealer Minister Sergei Ryabkov, according to preliminary data, the charges against several people of the Russian Federation are criminal in nature and do not relate to any whatsoever intelligence activities. Also before the end it is not clear whether the detainees really — the citizens of the Russian Federation or all the same the former socialist countries, Lavrov added.

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