Operation Minsmit, sanctuary and puzzles

The operation of "Minsmit", held during the second world war, the true facts are not enough. But in most textbooks, reference books and encyclopedias different that illuminate the history of espionage, it is called a victory intelligence Britain and disgrace for the counter-intelligence services the Third Reich.

British excitedly paint their fortunes and have them for that all have reason to. The operation, which misinformed the German General Staff, is permitted to accelerate and facilitate landing of Allied troops in Sicily. On the Abwehr and foreign intelligence RSHA, which was run by a brilliant analyst Walter Schellenberg, a harsh shadow fell after Hitler realized the fact that the redeployment of combat troops Rommel from the south of Italy to Greece, organized by the British was the result of tricks.

Swearing Hitler forced terrified and reysfyurera Himmler, though he placed his hopes that the problem will lead to the dissolution of the Abwehr, which will allow him to concentrate power in his own hands the whole exploration of the Reich.

Operation "Minsmit" secrets and mysteries
Franz Wilhelm Canaris

Now, by analyzing the operation "Minsmit" hard to believe that the famous aces in the field of international espionage and Walter Schellenberg, head of the Abwehr, Admiral Canaris was fine and just duped the British Naval Intelligence Service, which was not so refined and quality in their own ways of comparing them.

Operation "Minsmit" secrets and mysteries
Walter Schellenberg (German name — Walter Friedrich Schellenberg)

Unusual failure of the Germans explain a few different versions. But it was in fact already virtually impossible to find out, because the living witnesses of those events already almost gone. All that remains contemporary historians — is to enjoy the different versions of past events and present new options for them.

That still left before landing of Allied troops on the mainland? It all started one morning with the April, when the sand 1st of Spanish beaches of Huelva, a city located on the Atlantic Ocean, the officer found the body of the British troops, who was wearing a life jacket RAF. To his arm was strapped bag filled with different documents, among which was the name of the identification Uilyami Martin, captain of the Royal Marines. There was a photo of him inside and girls, letters written by her, and even a few tickets to the theater. The documents indicated that the victim was flying on a plane that was heading to the headquarters of the Allied forces in North Africa from the UK.


1 Purpose
Ensure the delivery of a knapsack with documents on-sparing as much as possible close to Huelva (Spain) Make it so makarom to create a memory, as if the bag was on the plane that fell into the sea. and the officer was driving from the UK to the headquarters of the Allies in North Africa.

2. Method
A dead body, dressed in field uniform of Major British marines and life jacket, with a knapsack and a rubber boat delivered to the coast of Spain submarine.

The body of one hundred percent prepared for launch, will be placed in an airtight container with the words. "Handle with care — Optical instruments — especially the shipping."

The container is about 200 cm in length and about 60 cm in diameter, without any protrusions from the sides. On the one hand, he locked cover which is screwed tightly bolted. To it is attached a chain wrench. As the lid and bottom have handles. The container can raise the handles or using only the handle on the lid, but to raise a container for one pen is not necessary, because the steel from which it is made, is very narrow. The total weight of a container of approximately 150 kg.

The body of the container is surrounded by a layer of dry ice, because the container should be opened on the deck, not inside the submarine, because dry ice emits carbon dioxide.

3 Place
The body should be launched on the water so close to the shore, as can be, and as much as possible close to the town of Huelva, preferably the north-west of the mouth of the river.

According to the hydrographic control flow in this area are in the main along the coast because of the descent of the body of water should be elected to the time when the wind is blowing toward the shore. At this time of year in the designated area is dominated by south-westerly winds.

For the latest information regarding the tide — ebb currents in the area, purchased from the head of the Hydrographic Department, attached.

4 Delivery of cargo
The shipment will be delivered to the port of departure by land to at least some labeled lazy, preferably as close to the days of sail. The portfolio will be handed over to the commander of the submarine at the time. Dinghy is in a separate package.

5. The descent of the body
After removing the body of the container, the chain attached to the handle of a knapsack, to fasten the belt of his coat, which dressed the corpse. This chain vtochnosti same. which is usually worn under the coat on his chest and let loose end through the sleeve. At one end of the chain there is zip carabiner allows you to attach it to the handle satchel, on the other — the same fastener that fastens on the breast. It is this end of the chain must be secured at the waist coat, as if an officer on an aircraft, took off his chain of reasoning convenience, but still leave it attached to your belt, so as not forgotten briefcase or not dropping it on the plane.

Then the body, as a rubber boat to go down into the water. Since the rubber boat will sail at a different speed than the body, the place of descent boat relative to the body has no great significance, but it should not be very close to the body.

6. Acquainted persons in Gibraltar
Steps have been taken to say about the planned operation in Gibraltar garrison commander and the chief of the intelligence department of his staff. Apart from them, about the operation in Gibraltar no one familiar,

7. Signals
If the operation is successful, you need to bring: "Minsmit is over." If the report will be put off from Gibraltar, should notify the chief intelligence department, so he addressed his superior intelligence agency Admiralty (in person). If the report can be sent earlier, it is passed to the procedure provided for appropriate orders of the commander of submarine forces.

8. Cancellation
If you have to cancel an operation, will be ordered to "Cancel Minsmit." In this case, the body and the container should drown in the deep area. Since the container can possess a positive buoyancy should be downloaded or something, or filled with water. In the latter case, you need to follow carefully, so that the body is left in the container. The portfolio must be submitted to the head of the intelligence servic
e in Gibraltar showing burn it without opening (if not will have the ability to do it before). Rubber boat to pass to defeat as head of the intelligence department.

9. Failure to conduct operations
If the operation would be impracticable to carry, and as quickly as possible, "Minsmit did not take place" (see paragraph 7).

10. Disguise
Before the operation will serve as a sufficient disguise the words "Optical Instruments" on the container. After the crew of the submarine can be said that our goal — to expose a very active German agent in Huelva and that through the operation will generate data that will force the Spaniards to send an agent out of the country. Immediately to inspire the crew that no matter what kind of "leakage" of information, whenever it occurs, can deprive us of the ability to force the Spaniards to do because it is profitable to us. Crew members should not then interested in the fruits achieved because the operation requests a full save kept secret, but on the other Spaniards will solve our plan.

Practically the most fundamental is that the Germans and Spaniards treated the documents because it is foreseen Fri /. If they suspect that the documents are false, it will have dire consequences.

J. Montague, Lieutenant-Commander
31/03/43, the

At the time, Spain was overrun by various spies, and trying to keep things friendly and the Germans and the British. The local police about the discovery message was sent to the British representative. Consul expressed his gratitude for the information and asked whether there were found drowned together with any documents. To this he received an affirmative answer. But hearing that was also found a briefcase with documents, the consul did not claim to seal it. He made a proposal to hold inventory to find the documents that seemed quite unusual for police commissioner. Pledging to take a briefcase and a corpse in the coming hours, the consul, but not in a hurry to do it. The news of the unusual drowned in the meantime has become a rapidly spread Huelva.

Operation "Minsmit" secrets and mysteriesStrannovataya consul permitted to delay the people working on the Abwehr, make copies of all found in the knapsack dead British officer documents. After which they urgently flown to Berlin. This has promoted the fact that the visionary Canaris their people were on the coast. They were engaged in fishing, simultaneously tracking movement of allied ships. Information from their agents took away marshrutniki. All of this network allows the Abwehr get enough clear information on all British ships and submarines that have appeared from time to time around the coast. All of the acquired information found its application to the German command.

Photocopies of documents delivered made a pretty strong memory for the control of military intelligence Reich Canaris. Namely, in the knapsack was a letter marked as confidential, in what was a message for the army commander, General Alesandera from the Chief of the General Staff of English. It contained information about the likely landing area Eisenhower Sardinia. It turned out that, contrary to common sense, which sought to landing on the coast of Italy, and hoped that the Wehrmacht's military government, plans to anticipate the landing in Greece.

It would be logical to wonder whether you could so an experienced scout, sovereign and serious owner Abwehr, the famous Franz Wilhelm Canaris, appears likely try to speculate on misinformation. For him, it would be natural to double-check everything, without once. He should know that it is so timely and fundamental for the German command of a mysterious letter from a knapsack, which found the drowned together with, it might seem like just a dream or a spy novel … Very similar to the Christmas story. Numerous intelligence forces left to search for disk imaging of possible landing site opponents. And as if by magic: the corpse of a British officer with a knapsack full of secret documents. Simply indescribable!

Not forced to think it, and the fact that the principal documents were actually unattended in a police station. Without performing any checks rather harsh, it sends a copy to the General Staff Keitel. From there, of course, they fall into the hands of Hitler. And he takes a fateful decision, the result of which is the relocation of military units under the control of Rommel on the coast of Greece. Along with them there and sent the major warships. All this greatly weakened the defense of Sicily.

Later, all of this could be the reason for Canaris charges of treason on the part of the Reichsführer and Schellenberg. It was a beautiful occasion to seize power over the German intelligence into their own hands. They considered a fake letter, but could not yet find direct evidence of this.

Usmotritelny Himmler realized that with a report on the Canaris he was late. It was necessary to do so as early as possible, but the evidence is not there. It was clear that the intuition and suspicion, even on their part will not be sufficient for the Fuhrer argument. Especially since the redeployment of troops has already begun.

However, on the subsequent morning Schellenberg was given a quixotic radio message just intercepted service interception. But the evidence that it is related to the British satchel of documents was not. According to the views of people caught it, it was created for the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It contained only two words: "Mincemeat swallowed."

Of course, intuition gave a hint Shelenberga that most likely this information for managing the successful completion of the operation on misinformation. He even appeared the idea that it is through their own people Canaris Churchill conveys information about the transaction is completed. But this idea brgigadenfyurer immediately discards. It does not even expresses in communion with reyskhfyurerom, with whom he was quite warm things.

Maybe that is not yet made a final decision on the misinformation effect Himmler had a case overheard a conversation between Hitler and Admiral Doenitz. Fuhrer defected to cry when speaking when he said that the Allies would land all the same in Sicily and asked to see the opportunity to take the fleet there. Himmler may be afraid to poke a hot hand, because after Stalingrad, Hitler became even more irritable nervous and suspicious of their own environment.

Operation "Minsmit" secrets and mysteries
Team operation "minced meat"

Reichsfhrer well aware that anger can turn to Hitler himself, if he says about the trivial "Dese" to slip Canaris. Do not blame the Führer and in inaction, coupled with Canaris. All this has led to the fact that he decided to rely on the will of fate and hope was that by not looking at all suspicious document all the same genuine.

Ultimately Reyhsfirerom Heinrich Himmler and the head of the 6th RSHA Valliere Schellenberg was taken wisest decision in their eyes: they are silent. According to another as to clarify that they are majestic master of espionage RSHA could not find Clip Available fit
and did not deter Hitler from the wrong decision at the right time.

The result was the landing of Allied troops in Sicily, which was the beginning of the liberation of Italy. Canaris then removed from the management of the Abwehr. Well, of course it was dissolved by order of the Office of the Fuhrer. All exploration was concentrated in the hands of the SS. In February 1945, Canaris was arrested, with an arrest were ordered specifically to Walter Schellenberg. Canaris was executed in April.

After the war, there were exalted statement from the British on how they were able to hold distinguished masters of espionage in Germany. They wrote that the total eclipsed even the wildest expectations, allowing the German defense to disperse throughout the European countryside. And one of the developers of "Operation Minsmit" wrote a book, which won the title: "The Man Who Was not There" …

That's the whole history of the operation, which was across the larynx German intelligence. A translated "Minsmit" with the British very simply — "minced meat".

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