Operation President of Russia

Operation "President of Russia"December 1, representatives of the patriotic parties, who did not take part in the elections, and other public-wing patriotic movements pushed Colonel-General Leonid G. Ivashov joint appeal with a request for his self-nomination candidate for the post of President of Russia. Representatives of the patriotic forces declared the futility of support in the presidential election candidates from the so-called systemic opposition, also refused to support Vladimir Putin, declaring him responsible for the "disastrous state of the country: cultural, economic, social, industry, law enforcement, defense and security."

The general accepted the offer of their own adherents and has notified the CEC December 5, of its intention to participate in the presidential race through self-nomination. Official nomination Ivashov presidential candidate is scheduled for December 10.

In his response to the appeal with a request for self-nomination Ivashov heartily thanked colleagues for their own supreme confidence and warned them against possible illusions about their own chances of success.

Recall that General Ivashov was one of the organizers of the famous marshbroska Russian paratroopers to Pristina in 1999. In this regard, in its reply, the General timidly pointed out that its own military career, he spent a lot of important operations, but the operation is the "President of Russia" for it is something completely new.

Is noteworthy that the municipal media still maintain complete silence about the future of self-Ivashov presidential candidate. In the network, on the contrary, there was the mass of articles and comments on the topic, the nature of the majority of which comes down to the specific support Ivashov nomination for the presidency.

Of course, the greatest discrepancy in connection with the nomination for election Ivashov will be to collect 2 million signatures in support of his candidacy. Problems in collecting signatures and add that finishing time of their collection will have for the Christmas holidays. If the patriotic forces and Gen. Ivashov want to achieve of success in the election, they need a higher degree of consolidation and very rapid self-organization in collecting signatures. In the unlikely event raised all the noise it makes no sense.

Dec. 6 on the website of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, led by General, it was laid out a statement addressed to supporters that can claim to be the software. The main idea of the application Ivashov is that there is a danger the very existence of the Russian Federation as a country. Ivashov stressed that our homeland they lost much of their own geopolitical and civilization-building continues to suffer a historic defeat and degrading. With all of this our native land has great potential in a human first, the protection of which is seen Ivashov, the main task of the country.

Speculate about the chances Ivashov in the upcoming presidential election, of course, too early. Of course, the authorities will try to present his nomination as minor events, thus giving makarom typical weather finals of this event. It is not clear how to behave in connection with the nomination Ivashov main patriot Zhirinovsky, the possibility that non-participation in elections can not even open a discussion. Zhirinovsky is, in fact, nothing to cover statist program from Ivashov. Although for Vladimir Zhirinovsky do not worry — this he will find that the objection is enough to make Myagenko and intelligent, at least in appearance, Ivashov. It is interesting to observe the behavior of the brain criticism of the regime Zyuganov, whose program lacks clear provisions of the national-patriotic component. That will be able to counter these two Ivashov perpetual candidate, is anyone's guess. Especially exciting is the election race.

It is reasonable to imagine that, in connection with the nomination of candidates for the post of President of the Ivashov, many ordinary citizens and prominent political scientists begin to draw parallels with the 1996 elections, and General Ivashov associate with General Lebed. Given the ambiguity of General Lebed, such parallels can both harm Ivashov in the presidential race, and play in his favor. With all this, taking into account the generally positive image of the army in the Russian society, we can say that the rank of general Ivashov are only able to add him the chance of successful completion of the presidential campaign.

Very curious to find out what the reaction will either already caused a nomination Ivashov in the West. According to the views of some analysts, the nomination Ivashov marked the coming of the U.S. State Department for sleepless nights. The fact that Leonid Ivashov — is one of the best Russian military analysts, a leading special in geopolitics. The possibility of the Russian Federation favorite, capable of a truly scientific basis to build an effective geopolitical strategy of the country, which will work to limit the impact of foreign and collecting this empire, of course, seriously scares the West.

Leonid Ivashov. Biography

He was born on August 31, 1943 in Kyrgyzstan. Orthodox.

In 1964 he graduated from the Tashkent Higher Combined-Arms Command School in 1974 — Military Academy. MV Frunze. Since 1976, he served in the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense, he was assistant to the Minister of Defense of the USSR Marshal Ustinov. Since 1987 — Head of the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Defence. In 1992-1996 — the secretary of the Council of Defense Ministers of CIS in August 1999 — the chief of staff for coordinating military cooperation between the countries — participants of the CIS. In 1996-2001 — head of the cerebral control of international military cooperation of the Ministry of Defence.

An active opponent of NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, a process expansion eastward. Founder of Russian paratroopers shot Pristina in Kosovo, which, together with a rigid anti-NATO and anti-American position was the basis for the release of L.G.Ivashova from the post of head of the military diplomat RF.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Doctor. Special in geopolitics, conflict, international relations. Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems. The creator of monographs "Marshal Yazov (fatal August 91 th)" (1992), "Russia and the world in a new millennium. Geopolitical Problems "(2000)," Russia or Muscovy? Geopolitical dimension State Security of Russia "(2002), books of political journalism" is not in a hurry to bury Russia "(2003). He published two collections of poetry, "Lear in uniform" (2000) and "And I'm proud of the fact that — Russian General" (2003). Member of the Writers' Union of Russia.

In 2002 and made head of the Military Alliance of Sovereign Russia. Member of the Supreme Council of the officers of.

July 23, 2006, at the meeting of the Head of the Union of the Russian people, elected as acting chairman.

The enemy of today's political system and economic policy of the Russian Federation, as leading to the degradation of the Russian people, depriving them of the state-and the leadership role, the ruin and enslavement of Russian lands.

Has the municipal services of the USSR, Russia, Yugoslavia, Syria and other countries.


Since 1996 illumine within their military obligations LG Ivashov was deeply involved in the situation in Kosovo. He was perfectly aware of this si
tuation that has developed in the region, constantly communicated with senior military and government officials of different countries, including NATO members. Not once met with the President of the FRY Milosevic, arriving in Yugoslavia in the delegations of ministers of defense and foreign affairs, leading the military delegation. He participated in international conferences. Members of his administration were working in the OSCE observation mission in Kosovo.
In 1998, for the analysis of the situation around Kosovo is mainly the management, headed by General Ivashov, created a special analytical center. The work of representatives of central board in the Russian embassy in Belgrade is activated. There is a collection of disk imaging from different sources in order to be able to make specific findings about the mood and plans of all parties involved, especially the terrorist organization KLA.
With the start of the bombing of the FRY 24 March 1999 on the initiative of LG Ivashov The Ministry of Defence has taken unparalleled RF for the latest action against NATO. Contacts were frozen as part of our homeland Council — NATO's military attaches of NATO in Moscow isolated from contact with the Russian military, News block was immediately expelled from Moscow, the Russian troops withdrawn from all NATO structures and institutions of NATO.

Pristina operation

In accordance with the strategy worked out in advance in a series of complex negotiations with representatives of the U.S. military claimed Russian allocating a separate sector, which strongly opposed the South American side.

9-10 June 1999, negotiations with the generals Foglsongom D. and J. Casey in Moscow. LG Ivashov started negotiations on the basis of previously agreed positions and in accordance with the resolution number 1244 on the military presence of the UN member states and international organizations in Kosovo, which gave the Russian Federation and the United States equal rights. General Foglsong said the South American side believes the previously agreed positions of no effect. He showed documents agreed at the Pentagon, where the card already have been split all sectors, and offered Russian military presence in the South American sector, one or two battalions. Ivashov categorically refused to consider the document. After the 2nd round of negotiations the South American side did not offer any other options to solve the issue, Ivashov, ending negotiations as worthless, said that our homeland will act strictly within the framework of resolution number 1244, referring to the equality of the parties. He told reporters: "We are not the first to go in, but it will not last!" Then at the Foreign Ministry with the role of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs AA Avdeev, representatives of the management of the Head of international military cooperation of the Ministry of Defence, Vice-Admiral VS Kuznetsova, Colonel EP Buzhinsky and others prepared a note to President Boris Yeltsin, in what offered again to try to bring the Yankees to constructive negotiations, and if that fails, to predict the simultaneous entry of our units with NATO forces. Reported BN Yeltsin Marshal I. Sergeyev. The President has approved in principle the decision.

Immediately regular battalion of Russian peacekeeping brigade, which was in Uglivike — on the ground in Bosnia and Herzegovina, moved into Kosovo. Greeted ecstatically Russian fighter. In the souls of the Serbs and currently unrealized hope remained that roll to Pristina, which was brought to the attention of the world. No legal legislation when all this had not been violated — the UN Security Council have been delegated to the equal rights of both Russia and the NATO. The danger for the Russian fighter was low because of NATO, in order to make the first shot, it was necessary to take a decision on the conflict with Russia. Ivashov suggested here to get started with Germany, Belgium, Greece, that if the issue would be raised at the NATO Council, a consensus has not taken place. If the decision to strike and displacement Russian battalion Slatina airport all the same is accepted, the group pochetaemyh in the FRY Russian generals were ready to fly to Belgrade immediately and within 2-3 days the Yugoslav army in Kosovo would be reversed direction. Knowing the mood of the Yugoslav military, Ivashov was aware that quite a team to JNA "spread the NATO troops stationed there in the dust." NATO would get up in front of the threat of ground operation, which the alliance tried to carefully avoid.

In the context of these events, the ratio of the Russian Federation became the Yankees to another. Soon talks were held in Helsinki, where the American side was represented by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, and 76 professionals, with the Russian side — Minister of Foreign Affairs of the IS Ivanov and Defence Minister I. Sergeev, who accompanied the team of 8 professionals only. And with such a disparity Russian delegation had the advantage (strategic airfield in Kosovo was occupied by Russian troops), so that its task was to make it an advantage to use for their own benefit. There was what is planned: a total of 3,600 troops were deployed to man three sectors.

Withdrawal from the State Service

In March 2001, right around the destination of SB Russian Defense Minister Ivanov followed by a new destination on the number of positions in the Ministry of Defence. Appointed to the highest position of people who have not served in the army or the 1st day or. General LG Ivashov reshuffle did not touch. But even 13 June 2000 56 top military commanders of the Ministry of Defence were relieved of their duties by a presidential decree VV Putin "in connection with his inauguration" and allowed to perform obligations. In June 2001, Ivanov presented the LG Ivashov to the dismissal, and he is "acting", having no legal right to challenge his removal from office, stepped in store before the end of service life.


STATEMENT Leonid Ivashov G.
President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems,
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Colonel-General

Deeply comprehended appeal a number of public associations and political parties of self-nomination candidate for the presidential elections March 4, 2012, I made the decision to consent to the above proposal, and December 5, 2011, be submitted to the Central Election Commission notice.
With all of this I was driven by subsequent considerations:

1. Country really moves unsafe rate without changing that, Our homeland is not only degrades in its own historical development, but may disappear as the government and as a distinctive civilization. Though what adekvatnomyslyaschy man can not fail to recognize that our country is suffering a historic defeat. And indicates that the dynamics of the decline of all vital areas of Russian society.

Ruling "elite" in the last 20 years have not formed their own geopolitical project, which is reflected in the vision of world order HH1 century, declared the place and role in it of the Russian state, the meaning and purpose of the development of mankind. Segodnyaschy Our homeland transformed into an object of other geopolitical projects, serves the interests of others, what happened the first time after the Tartar invasion. Have no power-oligarchic system and the concept of evidence-based internal development model of the future. Well, actually there is no real: national historical traditions are ignored, the former Russian government and society destroyed the hopes of the people on the renewal of the country did not materialize.
Built on the ruins of the USSR criminal and thieves obschak.
Created a terrible situation for his own despair of our kids and grandkids for Russian youth. They are uncomfortable in Russia, they do not behold the future of its own, and the glorious past, of what lives the older generation, they also have not: it is slander and depraved.

Country lively degrades people in a state of depression, turning into despair. The once majestic culture, science, education, leading technology lost, sold out to other states and transnational corporations, without the right to return to Russia. Abundant natural resources, preserved production, high intellectual potential, made in the centuries by generations, practically do not belong to the people, not the state. Because millions of men and women tend to leave their own home Protz. They have not made the criterion for a catchy, creative development and implementation of their own current plans, the disclosure of their talent. Russian youth surrounded with a continuous injustice, ruthlessness, cynicism imperative, political and moral depravity. And these "quality" in the fullness of his own evident during the last elections.

2. Imperative, clan-tribal class that performs the management of people and the political process in Russia, because of its own incompetence, exposure outside influence, immorality and lack of control, is not able to offer the public system project to revitalize the country, forming a decent geopolitical status in the system of global civilizations. People under the authority of the affected epidemic of profit, to the deepest regret, more will melt in the eyes of the world community as savages, destroying its own majestic richness and voluntarily transitioning to a low level of existence. Not so long ago, were announced by the UN data on the quality of human resource capacity in the various countries where our home is on the 66 place (next to Cameroon), rolled down during the Putin-Medvedev on 10's position. These are the same sad trend in all other spheres of Russian reality. Except, perhaps, the rate of "growing" Baksova billionaires: here we are in front of the whole planet. Because, trust re-power completely decomposed clan unscrupulous thieves and hypocrites, lowering the country is in an abyss of nothingness means, sign up for themselves, the state and society to death.

3. I and my colleagues — scientists, analysts, experts at the different areas of knowledge, the officers of honor, together with the fact litsezreem great potential of. This in-1's, glorious historical heritage of the Fatherland, used by past generations scale places the world's richest natural resources, profitable geopolitical and military-strategic position.

In-2, unparalleled experience of municipal and spiritual unity of almost 2-hundred nations and nationalities of building a socially just society, space exploration and the world's oceans, creating cutting-edge science, a highly moral culture and modern technology.
B-3, is a man of the highest intelligence, conscience, holiness, courage and honor. This archetype was formed in ancient times stood the tests of time and fate, has kept its main features to the present time. (Unfortunately, he is now barred from deciding the destinies of the Russian Federation). The fate of the country heard by a small, dodgy, spineless and uneducated little people. Is not it a complete idiocy of power, when such a large expanse, with such potential, the peoples and generations of, outstanding creative people do not have a decent job, a comfortable life, no future?

4. Organizations inviting me to run for president of the Russian Federation, the citizens that support this position — a fusion indifferent to the fate of the people of the Fatherland, proven long years of struggle against the looting and destruction of Russian power. This is the highest intellectual potential to offer society theory, concept and strategy of the vibrant development of the country, to organize the practical implementation of nation-wide plans and projects, the real return power to the people. They are people of honor, conscience and duty. I believe them, for many years with them in the same order and assure you: we will defend to the end of majestic forefathers entrusted to us to Russia.

We are aware of and the responsibility of our call today "owners" of the Kremlin. Without fighting their hypocritical power over Russian and other peoples, they do not want to give away. And the honest fight is not for them. Meanness, heresy, empty promises, bogus patriots, handouts, provocation, repression and the rest of the dirty set polittehnollogy — such an arsenal of weapons. Our arsenal of very different: conscience, justice, truth, selfless service to the Fatherland, a sense of responsibility and duty. Our capacity — the people in the most difficult criteria for preserving sverhtehnologichny production, research schools, the keepers of the spiritual and cultural values, developing the real sector of the economy, bringing up and guard the children.

5. As a result, the so-called elections to the State Duma has developed a possible opportunity to change the situation in the country. People again made sure to forcibly remove him from the role in the fate of the country in the right of own choice. Opposition parties, if they really think about the country and not just a faction of the parliament, together with numerous public associations, could nominate one candidate in future presidential elections. As we suggested earlier, and offer at the moment. This could be the most free elections in decades, with bolshennymi chances of people's victory.

We are prepared to offer to discuss the scientific and a civilian society, political parties are not unfounded promises and sound projects to bring the country out of the crisis of the system, removing external control, a national ideology based on the historical traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation, its security strategy and its future. Coupled with that, we clearly understand that easy solutions to accumulated problems, will not.
We are convinced that it is possible to change quite rapidly in favor of the foreign policy interests of the state, to make more efficient and open system of governance, making the strategically important decisions. After that, in the medium term will be re-established regime of the country's self-sufficiency in food, household products, facilitate business affairs and business, plain induced order in the country, made the conditions for fruitful work and self-realization of all categories of people. Harder it will be to revive and develop the lost technology, advanced industrial and agricultural creation, science, culture and education. But, fortunately, survived by professional ascetics, grows professional young people, and means there is confidence in the solution of these problems. If we act all together in one strategic project.

I hope common sense, responsibility, awareness of our common solutions and support for all the conscientious people of. I invite you to dialogue and cooperation on all political and public forces who cherish our beloved homeland.

LG Ivashov, a citizen of the Russian Federation stateliness

Collection of signatures in support of the candidacy LG Ivashov
Dear friends and supporters!

The following week will begin collecting signatures in support of the nomination of Leonid Ivashov presidential candidate. Until the end of December, we will need to collect two million signatures. We very much look forward to the your help and support. The following week will be known addresses in different regions of the country where you can put your signature in support of Leonid G.. If you are willing to assist us with collecting signatures wherever that may be, please write in the comments Learn http://leonid-ivas
hov.livejournal.com/, VKontakte group http://vkontakte.ru/club29538308 # / club29538308, Web site akademiagp.ru either e-mail agp-mo@yandex.ru their contacts and than you can promote. In the meantime, spread the word about Ivashov in the middle of friends and strangers, meet people and get acquainted themselves with the biography of Leonid G. (it is in all our groups, Learn and on the web site). Your strength and faith we are very necessary!

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