People who poison and Ryazan Turlatovo?



Ryazan. June 20. STRC "Oka". Identify the source of air pollution in the village Turlatovo, and in parallel to check the quality of drinking water in homes — on the eve of such a commission gave Governor Oleg Kovalev.

Recall test are over six months. The reason for their conduct was material, held in the program "Vesti-Ryazan" autumn 2011th. People complained about the odor. Studies have confirmed — the air is poisoned by several harmful substances, but the perpetrator has not yet been set.

In the regional Ministry of Nature explain this by saying that Turlatovo is in the zone of influence of four companies and six industrial hub of South East industrial zone enterprises.

That is for the six months was necessary to check 10 businesses, but this was not done. The situation is similar in Dashkova-sand — pungent odor appeared there two months ago. The cause is known, the guilty are installed.

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Source: STRC "Oka"

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