The most terrible disasters experienced by the Kaliningrad


About the devastating storms of the past centuries can now be judged by the paintings by Aivazovsky.

19.03.11. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" remembered natural anomalies that occur in our area over the years.


fishing boats hurled ashore

The storms that raged in our area in the Middle Ages were so destructive that in their background the recent "Nicholas" and "Olaf" may seem like just a light sea breeze.

In 1479 the storm broke through the whole site spit at present Baltiysk, and the same for wind power in 1510, finally destroyed section of the coast. Formed Strait, which exists to this day. In 1801, Hurricane, flown to Konigsberg, provoking a massive flood in the Pregel, and fishing boats povyshvyrival ashore. In memory of this storm in the city even issued a special medal.

Over time, damage from hurricanes getting smaller, but their strength is not weakened. Winter 1983 forecasters measured the record speed Wind — 40 meters per second, or 144 kilometers per hour. The same year, a storm destroyed part avandyun the Curonian Spit. After 14 years of the next hurricane could "accelerate" to 38 meters per second.


shaking all over Prussia

Aftershocks were not only memorable for Kaliningrad in 2004. First recorded by historians earthquake August 8, 1803, and it was felt not only in Königsberg, but throughout Prussia. A century later, in 1905, residents felt "a slight tremor."

In the post-war history of notable earthquakes in Kaliningrad occurred twice. The first time — the evening of 4 March 1977. The second — the day September 21, 2004. According to recent estimates, the force pushes then was 6-7 points. Were damaged 1046 houses and buildings, and the damage is estimated to be worth up to 100 million rubles.

About whether or not Kaliningraders fear of new earthquakes, we discuss the weekly 24 March.

Unprecedented frost:

cracked from the cold, even oaks

Abnormal frost scare us almost before each winter. But the really ferocious cold remain in the past.

In the winter of 1323 in Königsberg vymerzli almost all fruit trees. In January 1709 was frozen to the bottom of even the castle pond (Lower Lake)! In the winter of 1740 from the terrible cold cracked growing in oaks. Then the Baltic Sea was covered by ice, from which only cleared by May. The next time our Baltic coast frozen in 1929. In recent history, the ice covered waters off the coast of Kaliningrad at least twice — in January of 2010 and February of 2011.

As for temperature, the official record until belongs February 1929 — minus 34.4 degrees. Since then, three more times, forecasters recorded temperatures below 30, all of the cases occurred in the fifties.

In the new century is the most severe winter of 2003. January 7 in Kaliningrad outside was minus 27.4 degrees.

Heat and drought:

no rain for three months

Historians call the warmest summer in 1506, when the fruit trees in Königsberg, double rewards. The second place you can put powerful droughts in 1424 and 1474's. In the first case, not a drop of rain fell from the sky for the three summer months, and the second is almost dried up even Neman — the deepest river in our area. But as the temperature measurements in the 15th century, has never been done, to say how many degrees then it was in these parts is not possible.

Registered record temperature in Kaliningrad on 10 August 1992. Thermometer showed 36.5 degrees. For comparison, last summer, when our country came to a heat wave, the air is warmed in Kaliningrad "only" to 32.8 degrees.


Water broke through the dam and demolished bridges

Those who think that the deepest pools of the city has always been at the tram depot, very wrong. In 1620, the flood waters were to the ankles even in the Cathedral, and on market Altshtadtskomu Koenigsberg boating. Then give to the breadth Pregel demolished bridge Cattell, just south of the cathedral. Winter 1894 Surges wave broke the dam on the ponds near Nasser Garten (about modern ports).

Just a couple of centuries ago, floods often waterlogged basements Knayphov Island (the island of Kant) and houses in the suburbs, and the water level in the Pregel increased by more than five feet. The most "wet" in Königsberg was 1905, when the city experienced a time seven floods.


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