Time Machine — not fiction, but a reality

It turns out the time machine — it is not fiction, but a reality in the photo made in 1941 have found a man of the future. The museum, which is located in Canada, which has become a unique exhibit in the exhibition "Their past lives here." After the exhibition, it has become the most replicated photograph in this world.

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The photo that was taken in 1941goda opening of the bridge has been shown that workers have built in the place of that was washed away by flood. However, among people who were present at the photo close attention drew the figure of a man, who stood out from the crowd. According to researchers, the guy pictured in the photo was clearly not out of the 1941. The guy was wearing a sweater that was fashionable cut, he was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription Kodak in his hand was a Kodak camera, and as the guy was wearing sunglasses, which began to wear in the 21st century.

Many researchers thought until a certain point shot photomontage, so he was subjected to a full scan, worked on it deserved experts gathered from around the world. The result stunned everyone, the picture was original. That is indeed a real photo and the person who is in the photo — was really there at the time of shooting. Comes time travel is real?

But skeptics have tried to explain the origin of each part of the last century. Sweater could be connected is any cut. A camera he himself may have to be modified. But what can be said on account of sunglasses? While they hardly worn, they were but a different shape. Only here the shirt that was on the mysterious man-caused confusion among scientists. Mike was made from cotton with a large emblem Kodak, while no such analogs. So now scientists have suggested that it would be really the guy from the future

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