UN allocates fewer resources for peacekeeping operations

UN allocates fewer resources for peacekeeping operationsIn 2012, the UN plans to reduce funding for peacekeeping missions in the billions of dollars, in other words to 8000000000. dollars allocated in the past year to 7. For information about the spread Agence France-Presse, citing sources at the United Nations.

According to Hervé Ladsous, manager of the UN Department of peacekeeping, to the end of the year he graduated from the peacekeeping goal in East Timor, and the mission in Liberia, Haiti, and may significantly reduce the Sudan.

Ladsous noted that peacekeeping forces in Liberia and Haiti at the present time already partly reduced. In late January, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the withdrawal by April 1, 2012 Russian peacekeepers from Sudan.

Now the UN is 16 missions, which are participating in about 120 thousand soldiers from 114 countries.

According to the Managing Department, peacekeepers often enough in relation to the local people behave inappropriately, that is, are implicated in the atrocities of the sexy character. At the moment, for example, is being investigated for a number of incidents Haiti, involved in any "blue helmets". In the future, in order to avoid such incidents in the United Nations are going to lay down the responsibility of a country whose soldiers were involved in the crime. The countries will be deprived of the right to take part in peacekeeping operations.

The peacekeepers of the UN mission in the Haiti in November 2011, have been accused of what exactly they have cholera on the peninsula. An epidemic of the disease in 2010 claimed the lives of 6.5 thousand people. Victims of the disease from the UN claimed 50 thousand dollars, and relatives of the dead — 100 thousand dollars.

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