15.07.12.Gibel fish in the Voronezh region. Video


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15.07.12.Krasnovatuyu water and hundreds of dead fish floating watching Voronezh not the first day in the river near Usmanka Borovoy and Dubovka, and on the river Bityug.


Foamy water in the lower layers of a reddish-brown hue. On the beach, on the water and on the bottom of a lot of dead fish — fry, perch, pike, roach and even cancers. And the corresponding smell "- wrote one reader," Mine! ", Who had been on the beach in the Hog.

Eyewitnesses report that the water turned red a week ago, and then began a massive fish kill.


Yesterday, July 14, on the river near Usmanka Borovoy water samples were collected for laboratory analysis. State of emergency in place visited by environmental specialists, Rybohrana, workers MOE. Express analysis for oxygen showed that the content of the gas in the water three times lower than necessary for fish life, said, "Mine!" Head Upper Don Fisheries Division of the Azov-Black Sea territorial management Rosrybolovstva Golden Alexander.

— A preliminary survey of fish showed no obvious signs of poisoning, — Alexander Golden. — The scales of the fish is normal, color, etc. substandard. However, there are signs of asphyxia (suffocation).

Officials Rybohrany almost sure that the fish kills in Usmanke as the water level rise — the links of one chain. Because of heavy rains that poured in the Voronezh region in June, the river in spring flood overflowed. In combination with high water temperature (yesterday Usmanke at the beach in the Hog temperature was recorded 26.8 degrees Celsius) in low-flow turned into inlets and marshes. With increasing temperature, the oxygen content has been dramatically reduced, eventually began to die and bottom fish fry. As the chief Rybohrany Alexander Golden, this hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that similar effects, but less pronounced because of the faster flow, observed on Bityug.

However, the version of the release of toxic substances into the river until Rybohrane dismiss. In the coming days, pending the outcome of laboratory tests, based on which it will be possible to draw conclusions on the causes of the plague of fish.


Source: Moe-online

Deniil Yesterday, 15:45 | People News

In the Hog in the river full of dead fish and water abnormal ottenok.Slyshal that fish lack of oxygen, but I think it's all been vrane.Navernyaka emissions into the river, which was a good skill skryvayut.Takaya river, and now it is impossible to swim : stench, dead fish right under your feet! . I want to know the truth of what happened, and not listen to lies!

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15:28 And now no one can hear that in Lipetsk tore dam reservoir at the plant, there was a red water.

Posted on 07/13/2012 by user sanekprobor

Since early July Usmanka blushed. If you swim in beer. Fish like a drunk, well, she is not dead. A week later the smell of carrion by the river and swim does not pull. But not in the news or in the press anything. A ruined river fag. Vodohranka now looks more relevant.

Sergey6353 21 hours ago

2012 Voronezh Usmanka red July 15

The water in the Hog Usmanke in red and smells moldy stuff. Never had this before. What happened? This was complete silence in the press and on television. To find out how you decided to draw attention to the problem itself. People talk to each other: Yes it is dirty, like a pool of blood! Vaughn and the fish have died. Smells like. Yes, but swimming and like anything. Bylab contagious notified. — Who should alert you to the raw country kalonialnoy wild capitalism?

Posted on 15/07/2012 by user Sergey6353

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