miles of dead fish in the Astrakhan region. Video


Posted on 07/27/2012 by user geimer302

03.08.12.Na mail letter arrived in Astrakhan … a lot of talk about saving fish stocks. Only now, when you see 10 miles of dead fish, it becomes clear that these are just words. What are the reasons for these effects? I think the experts can answer. Watch the video to the end. Becomes uncomfortable.


"This video was filmed by my relatives in villages Zelenga and Macs. During mowing stumbled upon dry Eric, about 5-10 km long, the bottom is strewn with dead fish just ordinary fish species. Erik ran dry because of low water, and shallowed inputs and outputs, which no one has deepened. And there in the Volga delta Erik very much. Is not this an ecological disaster? It might be worth not penalize fishermen and irresponsible officials. Why do we undermine what is idiotic laws, while due to someone's negligence killed millions of fish species!
Gets what our children and grandchildren in 10-20 years? I know that Alexander ever edges and prepare the appeal, but do not know how to address the emu. "

Source: Alexander Alymov livejournal.com

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