30.07.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


30.07.12.Reka Lyubovsha flowing in Verkhovsky near Orel, occasionally painted in the red-brown color. Rather, a company dumps toxic chemicals into the water. At the bottom along the coast a lot of dead fish.

Already nearly a month villagers who are mostly elderly people from the village and the village Borki Russian Wade, call up numerous environmental services and departments, trying to draw attention to his distress. Until now, no single agency has not responded.

Emissions into the river accompanied by a sharp chemical smell. Local residents fear for their health, for the life of water birds and animals. In 30-degree heat and elderly residents as half abandoned villages to carry water in buckets from the speakers, to water the cows and calves. Fishermen with pain correspondents tell visitors about dying in front of the river. Around the river during the day when you first color, and the criminals, feeling his impunity, more and more are doing discharges Lyubovshu. Earlier this month, the emissions occur once a week. A recent evidence of mass death of fish documented on video by locals 27, 28 and 29 July. Among the other dead fish marked and listed in the regional "Red Book" brook lamprey. Editorial news will follow developments in Verkhovsky area.

Source: Lead Eagle

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