Artifacts from a parallel world

"NG-Science", 12.02.2003, Moscow, n2, p.16

Author: Natalia Leskov

Tiny particles left after the fall of the unknown space object, have the ability to change their chemical composition

January 26, 1986 at 19 hours 55 minutes residents Dalnegorsk that in the Primorsky Territory, witnessed the unusual phenomenon. Rapidly across the sky, silently moving reddish ball, which took some of the falling meteor, others — for the alien ship. Since then 17 years have passed. The so-called Dalnegorsky phenomenon remains a mystery, the answer to which is not present at the representatives of the scientific world, nor the fans of space sensations.
The main witness the accident were students. One of them, at that time a student of the fifth class of Dalnegorsky schools, and now the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, a member of the Far Eastern Branch of the Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Serebrov recalls: "The ball was flying parallel to the ground, repeatedly rising and falling. Tail or plume was not. not followed, and the explosion — only a strong blow. Scientists came to Dal'negorsk from Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, with chronometer calculated that the rate of decline was 15 meters per second, which does not match the speed of the falling meteorites. To us, the boys, the pundits were then told that we were wrong: could not so, say, fly or a meteorite or piece of the rocket. then no fragments were found. "
But in 1989, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the USSR Academy of Sciences Professor Victor Skavinsky by proton magnetometer recorded six points of the magnetization field of siliceous shale. Evidence of pupils unexpectedly confirmed: ball really rose and fell. Is still a UFO?
We decided to comb through the impact area again and found a huge amount of hard blackened wreckage of silicon, like a cracked from the heat. They were visible, as if nabryzgannye, tiny beads — tiny particles of silver metal.
Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and the overall Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Kulikov said: "These balls are divided into several types. First — lead alloy weight of 60 grams of regular shape with holes leading inside. Second — 15-gram iron droplets of 2-4 mm in diameter. Some of them are topped with convex glass-like structures, to clarify the nature of which has not yet been any physicists or metallurgists. Melting point they have almost a hundred degrees lower than conventional metal alloys. Strange and the fact that all samples are magnetized, while the high temperatures usually removes the magnetic properties of materials. third type is perhaps the most enigmatic — "mesh." It is impossible to understand what it is. "
According to Alexey Kulikov, under the electron microscope on the surface "mesh" discovered quartz strand 17 micron thickness. For comparison — the thickness of the hair about 56 microns. These threads are interwoven and twisted into a neat bundle. In one of the threads was found as a "golden ratio" — the finest strip of gold, miraculously found herself in the center of "mesh". Later gold veins were found in other samples.
"Mesh" manifests a truly fantastic properties — said Kulikov. — Insoluble in strong acids, can withstand temperatures of up to three thousand degrees in vacuo, and the air is combusted at 900 degrees. In the normal state it — dielectric, with some heating — semiconductor, upon heating in a vacuum — the conductor. After dipping in liquid nitrogen shows supermagnetic properties. "
"It is difficult to give a clear assessment of such findings, — told us a leading researcher at the Central Research Institute of non-ferrous and precious metals, RAS, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences Elena Matveeva. — While it is true in Dalnegorsk, and the Northern Urals and Altai, and even near Moscow geologists often find such artifacts. Strange Findings already become familiar to geologists. "
According to Elena Veniaminovna to assume man-made "man-made" origin finds almost impossible. "Ufology and psychics believe in extraterrestrial origin artifacts — says Matveev. — On the Internet you can find a lot of questionable material about the" sensational "findings, allegedly showing that we are not alone in the universe."
Scientists who have visited the places where they make unusual finds, watch the strange natural phenomena. Elena Matveeva said: "The huge white ball hovering over a dark forest, I watched last summer in the Polar Urals, where we constantly find many artifacts. As it was, none of my colleagues could not even imagine. At Northern Lights, or halo is unlikely . However, we all felt the same: dizziness, numbness and anxiety. badly slept all night. couple of days later it all went. "
Permanent member of such expeditions doctor Olga Levkoeva emphasizes that in such places is usually marked by the "field" of the anomalous character: here avoid the fall animals, and people observed an increased heart rate, changes in blood composition, sensory impairment, mental confusion.
"Blindly believing in miracles is not necessary, — the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the Moscow State University, Academy of Natural Sciences Vadim Pimenov. — Still with us on the home planet, it seems that many long-familiar and thoroughly studied , is going on, than are dreamed of in your philosophy. "
Maybe Dalnegorsky balls — one of these wonders?

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