Carapace-C1 will cover the metropolitan sky

Anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Armour-C1" in March-April 2011, will be put on combat duty to protect the skies of Moscow. In an interview with TV channel "Vesti-24," said Lt. Gen. Valery Ivanov, commander of the air and space defense. At the moment, cover the sky of Moscow provide air defense systems S-300 and S-400 "Triumph", an introduction to the complex air defense system of close combat "Armour" will make it more effective.

Carapace-C1 to systematize NATO SA-22 Greyhound (Greyhound) — Modern Russian self-propelled ZRPK land-based. The main purpose of a cover military and civilian objects in the melee (including long-range air defense systems S-300 and S-400) of all available promising means of air attack, including attack helicopters, drones, cruise missiles, precision bombs. Optional features can do to protect defended the object of threats from land and sea. The complex was created in 1994 and since then constantly modernized, first Shell-C1 (10 pcs.) Entered service of the Russian Army on March 18 of this year. Expected complex absolutely will change in the military ZRPK "Tunguska". Together with a set of S-400 air defense and promising, developing a range of With-500, must be the basis of the country's air defense in 2020.


ZRPK Shell-S1 is a set of short-range air defense actions to be arranged on any chassis (chassis truck, tracked chassis) or stationary. Control is 2-3 operators. Their complex tasks makes using avtomaticheskih30 mm. guns and missiles with radio command guidance, IR and direction finding. The complex is in a position to cover civilian and military targets (from platoon to regiment). The complex is able to hit targets with less reflective surface (the development of a "stealth"), moving at speeds of up to 1000 m / s at maximum range and altitude of 20 km to 15 km.
Operation of the system
Feature is the ability to capture and multi-target tracking cannon artillery weapons, providing a continuous zone interception by 5 m high and 200 m in range to 15 km. in height and 20 km in distance, even without external support.

Carapace-C1 cover up the Moscow sky

Modes of operation

Shell-S1 complexes can work together through digital means of communication in different modes (up to 6 cars)
1) The system can carry out military actions alone, performing all the acts of target detection to catch her without the help of others
2) Act as part of battery: one of the complexes can be used and as a fighting machine, and as a command post, the other complexes to 5 pcs. may receive from targeting him for the following missions.
3) Acts as part of the battery with an external command Fri and of early warning radars. Receiving information from the radar, CP sends the data to the plant for the next tasks.
4) Can be used in automatic mode as a separate fighting unit, and as part of subdivision.

The system of detection, tracking and fire control

System Fire control for Shell-S1 includes a radar detection (based on PAR) and two tracking radar (radar system accompanies this purpose and issued a complex surface-to-air missiles). Targets with an effective area of dispersion of 2 square meters are found at a distance of 32-36 km. In addition to the radar fire control system comprises opto-electronic system, equipped with long-wave thermal receiver (IR direction finder), and performs digital signal processing and automatic target tracking. Facilitation and reduction of the export version has only optronic fire control system. Radar and optical system elektronanya allow capture of 2-targets at once, the highest capture rate — 10 goals per minute.

At the current time it is clear knapsack on export orders a new set of Armour-C1 in the amount of 2.5 billion. dollars, based on the price, it's about 175 complexes.

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