Carrier-based fighter J15 completely destroyed the mutual trust in the Russian-Chinese military-technical cooperation

Carrier-based fighter J15 finally destroyed the mutual trust in the Russian-Chinese military-technical cooperation

As reported by the August issue of the journal Kanwa with reference to a source in the Russian nobleman of the aviation industry, the Russian side was clear about the fact of the production in China of the first carrier-based fighter J15 and the second batch of fighters J11B at the end of 2009 in the process of acceptance tests conducted by the Air Force of China, at the J11B appeared in the air vibrations because the Air Force to take this time shall be removed 16 aircraft.

"Frankly, we were waiting for all this. It killed the last vestiges of our confidence in China, "said the source. The activity of copying military equipment was carried out after the signing in December 2008 of the Russian-Chinese agreement on the protection of intellectual supplies in the field of military technology. This demonstrates the complete uselessness of the agreement. "Why Russian side was at that time so it is set to sign?" — Asks the magazine.

In response, the source said Kanwa followed by: "We knew exactly what China has suspended the work of copying those techniques that have already taken place. If the funds have already been invested, it is unrealistic to suspend work. Yet, the existence of the agreement, all is better than none. In addition, we also had hoped that after the signing of the PRC is the latest measure to inform us of Russian weapons copied swatches or pay at least some compensation. But none of this happened. One high-ranking Chinese navy perceived Russian colleagues in their own patrol boats in the Gulf of Aden. Our officers immediately caused that the radars mounted on Chinese ships (frigates, etc. 054A) is a copy of Russian products. But they said: "This is not a copy. We used your radar as a reference only, borrowing some notable solutions. "

"Recently we had a special meeting was held with representatives of the defense industry. We discussed military-technical cooperation with China. We asked different manufacturers same question"What share is fulfilling orders for China in the total amount of your production?" The answer was about the same — "insignificant." This year has not been signed nor of the 1st agreement. Ongoing contracts relating to the supply from the main engines of the AL-31F engine, the RD-93, etc. We plan to break agreement with China to transfer technology to the production lines of the Su-27SK, because it became clear to him that delivered by aircraft engines are installed on fighter J11B. With all this Russian Defense, and even the Department of Defense somehow try to solve these issues with China, but at a highest political level has its own vision. Because we, as before, supply spare parts under the previously signed agreements! "

Carrier-based fighter J15 finally destroyed the mutual trust in the Russian-Chinese military-technical cooperation

"In our opinion, copying the project J15 and similar activities are an indication that the Chinese industry has reached a new level of quantitative and high-quality development. In terms of procurement of China are keen to only air defense system S-400. But we reply that Beijing should be the end of the queue. Required from 2-to 3 years before the system S-400 will go to the creation of a true mass. By the time we have to address issues copying, locate and coordinate the needs of the Russian Federation and other states that have applied previously and so on. "

"MTC with China began when our homeland was going through languid economic situation. At the moment, the situation has changed since that time we did not stay in place, we have new markets and internal order. "

In the magazine Kanwa is a proper assumption. In the last 15 years of Russian policy toward China was often open, and occasionally — very over-regulated. The dynamics depended on the state of Russia's relations with the U.S. and NATO. According to the views of Kanwa, current changes are a basic character: this is not so important, the condition of the affairs between Russia, the U.S. and NATO. The ban on exports to China Russian military technology has become a reality — it is entirely possible that in bilateral affairs spring not return.

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