Cartridge 6h49 and sniper rifles CRS CRS-C, TKB-0145K

In the near future there is quite often about what one or another manufacturer began developing a new weapon, or even already graduated, which vary from one vserasprostranennyh rounds, moving cannon, its uses, to a new level. Against this background, our "breakthroughs" in the weapons actually look a little palely, and we have something to brag. However, you can almost always brag that was created at the Russian Union for different reasons have been abandoned in the far corner. Yet, if the clean up anything that is stuck in attics and basements majestic country, you can find a lot of not only entertaining, and useful things that are themselves being asked for revision and immediate start-up in the overall creation. One such example can be our Russian sniper rifle caliber 6mm, about which I would like to tell in this article.

Start, for sure, is to describe the weapon, which is used in this weapon, because the concrete base of the cartridge is at least some guns, asking him the main characteristics and the gun itself — it's just a means of realizing the potential of munition. So if the first round is not the best, then jump over your head is not in their care, but the "ditch" decent ammo, using it in weapons is not the best properties can always be what has been confirmed many times by many would-be gunsmiths. Thus, the cartridge caliber 6mm, created for use in semi-automatic sniper rifles. This ammunition has a caliber of 6 mm, has a sleeve, the length of which equals 49 millimeters, is the obvious contender 7,62 x 54, with all this in spite of a small size, has a distinct advantage in all ways, except for the striking offense, but perfectly sovladevaet with the personal means of personal body armor, but more on that a bit lower. The idea of creation such ammunition was born quite a long time, the main prerequisite for this was the standards in Japan, which retain their properties rather the highest since the beginning of the twentieth century, even by today's standards. For whatever reasons, all beheld this advantage, but could not do anything, only in the 80s of the last century was made ordnance that has been even more successful than its counterparts. Owning a bullet weighing 5 grams, this cartridge accelerated to a speed of 1,150 meters a second, which made its ballistic properties infinitely better than 7.62. The line of motion of the bullet was a flatness, and the highest rate of traffic allowed more accurately hit moving targets. In addition, it was possible to reduce the impact of errors that allowed the shooter to determine the distance to the target and wind speed and direction, for a total significantly increased accuracy. Surely, this is one of those few occasions when he ammo makes it likely more accurate shooting shooter not cooked. Well, provided that in the event of any large-scale fighting tool will and those who held it 10-20 years ago, the last time, it can be celebrated only as a positive quality of ammunition. It is also important that the cartridge 6h49 showed significantly more highest property by means of personal body armor penetration compared to 7.62 x 54, but the damaging effect of a bullet of this cartridge was lower than that, of course, negative, but against the rest of the fully appear question, why until now this ammunition and guns to him no in service in the army. In general, sorting, and other cases where promising development rested on the fact that under their need to rebuild or even the creation of any prerequisites prevented them get at least a small spread, there was nothing striking. But back to the ammunition, which has an advantage of an obvious front 7.62 x 54.

Developed this cartridge in the walls TsNIITochmash (Central Scientific Institute investigator's clear mechanical engineering), catchy that the designer of a new cartridge has VN nobles who previously engaged in the creation of sniper cartridge options for SVD sniper rifle. As described above, the result of his work was really impressive, and many predicted this munition is the brighter future, as when using a sniper rifle, and when used light machine guns, in other words, this cartridge has been completely changed 7.62 h54 in the army. But not all was smooth as we would like. Despite the fact that under this munition standards were made sniper rifles, and even the standard light machine gun, with all standards demonstrated the most remarkable properties, though, and needed a de minimis treatment ratfilem, nobody was interested in such a tool, but it could assist to make quite a big step forward, well, or at least the last show the prospects of instruments using such ammunition. The difficulties experienced by the country in that period of time, closed the door and in front of ammunition and implements standards before using it, as a result of these swatches at the moment do not even remember. I think that not one will be kept secret, but that Russian arms are always ahead of their time, as happened in this case, because of the new cartridges our "potential enemy" spoke much later, but the current standards and there were not quite so long ago. It turns out that even at the moment when the cartridge 6h49 and tools for it has long since come, but the standards are still standards. At least, one would take at least a base for ammunition and weapons and on their base to have a new standard that would meet fully all the requirements, but forget about the existence and the cartridge and the gun, apparently, is easier than to develop it, because in development for some reason no one is interested. Although, because that's such standards are forgotten and do not receive development should not even put in my eyes, and put on the wall, because bury a promising development, even trying to give her at least a small spread can be easily equated with treason. In general, it is clear that his own "colleagues" will not punish anybody, at least, until such time as the road is not perebegut. After all, if the results of this analysis tools and with a maximum of efforts made to improve it any obvious benefits would not be that in this case it is unlikely, or a substitution would be inappropriate since the small advantages guns, there's always the civilian market and export. In general, I do not understand how you can forget about the operating time of old times in the arms, which are still relevant at the moment, and with all this talk about the fact that there are no professional designers, no base, and so on. If you really do not, why not use what we have and can still be used? Or, wait until all of this will be realized by others, and after a bite fingers, wondering how so, we all have, and we have not done anything? Sad somehow from all this. But we will not deviate from the topic of the article and all the well-acquainted with the standards of self-loading sniper rifles chambered for 6h49, and really get to know is, with what, well, compared to what is currently in service will be able to without the help of each other, and decide whether you want to have a gun and we need it to us now.

While working on a new TsNIITochmash ammunition 6h49 in Izhevsk raged work on an instrument under this cartridge. The new gun was taken not from the ceiling, it was exactly the requirements that were sent by the designers, in other words, this model is really planned to make a major change, and they were armed with a rifle SVD, but, as we understand, has not grown together. The main requirements that apply to the newcomer guns, covered, in the main, its size, and the requirements were rather stiff and designers had to work hard to keep within them. Thus, the length of the instrument was limited to just 1225 millimeters, and this despite the fact that the length of the trunk should be 720 mm, for the rational use of the potent
ial of the new weapon. Initially, it was planned to adapt the SVD sniper rifle under a new cartridge, but in fact it turned out that the length of the barrel itself is unrealistic, because reduce the length of the receiver circuit is not allowed guns. When the length of the bore 620 mm LED has an overall length of 1220 mm, but the desired barrel was 10 cm long, respectively, and increased overall length guns. For this reason, decided to turn away from the adaptation and make your own from scratch standard tools, which came out pretty fun and, of course, in some moments superior to SVD, even without the use of ammunition 6h49.

Specifically, and there was such a tool, as a sniper rifle CRS and CRS-C, the model rifle with a folding stock. Work to create a new standard weapon assigned outright four designers: AI Nesterov, V. Yu Simonenko, A. and O. Lomaeva Kivamovu, any of these designers has brought in tool something different, and despite the fact that mass production rifle not wait, some of its elements can meet other swatches. Because our goal was to meet the requirements for the length of the gun, then the issue has been given much attention. The length of the barrel and butt designers could reduce, for obvious reasons, but the other parts have undergone a painstaking revision. The basis for the modern scheme of automatic rifles served, based on the withdrawal of gases from the barrel, barrel bore is locked gate on the two lugs. Top gun was very close to the cartridge chamber, which reduced the overall length of guns for a couple of mm. More could save a few millimeters because the slide frame in the receiver is set on the guide projections in the rear of the receiver, and has a front opening through which the spring guide rod revertible. So Makar, the total length of the receiver was only 273 mm, compared to 315 mm SVD. And that's not all that affected the overall length of the gun. In principle, one after the brakes to reduce the length of the receiver, but that is not so interesting. Because the new tools, a new slotted flash suppressor, the working length of which equals only 29 millimeters, compared with the same SVD — 78 mm. It is also important, and what he 6h49 ammo has a total length less than 7.62 x 54, which also had a positive impact on reducing the length of the gun. That is particularly so in mm per millimeter of the designers reduced the length of the newest sniper rifle CRS and its emerging variants of CRS-C. Specifically, thanks to these millimeters was able to reduce the length of the gun to the maximum, and it was 1188 mm, and for CRS-C with butt folded 960 mm. So the basic requirements that apply to this weapon, the designers managed to meet and even make a small-sized instrument than on their first sought. And that's not all that has been made to ensure that the new sniper rifle looked better than the SVD.

In order to increase the accuracy of guns, the designers have performed work, which at first may seem quite absurd. The fact that the barrel rifles CRS and CRS-C fortified exclusively in the receiver and nowhere for the fore-end, in other words, is, in fact, "freely posted," but semi-automatic gun and built under the scheme with the removal of powder gases from the barrel In other words, over the barrel to the same device placed powder combustion gases. In other words, the barrel rifles can not be called "free posted", and that it does not touch the forearm guns, it is a whim of designers. All is right in the surface of the theory, in practice, that of course greatly increased the accuracy of the instrument, which is particularly well noticeable when shooting at a distance larger than average. So, you can bring here are the numbers that are taken from field tests tools.

At a distance of 630 meters sniper rifle CRS proved 1.33 times more precisely SVD. At a distance of 770 meters of this parameter increased to 1.73. At distances of 970 and 1030 meters in the instrument showed 3.89 times more accurate shooting in relation to the IRS. The general advantage over the IRS was 2.32. Of course, the reward is not only rifles, and ammunition, which it is used. In addition, at distances up to 400 meters in front of the dignity of accuracy SVD at CRS is not perceptible, against the background of the least damaging effect smoothes features several bullets guns, all the same, nothing wrong in increasing the effective range of fire is not and can not be, well, Bullet-proof vests and bullet cartridge 6h49 works more perfectly than the 7.62 x 54, that in the near future more and more than the burning. Since I spoke about the accuracy of guns at a close distance, it is necessary to note the following characteristics of the weapon. At a distance of 100 meters have been three series of shots for every 10. All the bullets missed the circle diameter 5.5 cm, with all this, 50 per cent of hits stacked in a circle 2.3 cm, which is completely good results. With all of this it was also noted that in cases of properties cartridge 6h49 these characteristics are significantly improved, but, in my opinion, for a semi-automatic rifles such class and the results are completely good, much less that the gun itself has not advanced at all, and was presented as the most experienced standard, the properties of which could still change. However, they could change for the worse, as is usually the case in mass production, but we think positively.

But it was not all this weapon as smoothly as we would like, there were negative things that have been seen in comparison with the same sniper rifle SVD. One of the major negative features of guns was his weight, which was equated with ICS 4.2 kilograms and 4.3 kilograms at CRS-S, SVD at the same weight is only 3.8 pounds. Obviously, if it was somewhat different rifle class, negligible 0.5 kg could simply pass, but in this case, the difference in weight is important. On the other hand, it can be said, the only parameter instruments to which you can point a finger and say "bad", all other causes only positive emotions here length sighting band open sights, increased by 80 mm, which allows for more fine to use guns in this case, if the telescope was damaged in battle, and more than an effective range of use guns, etc., etc.. So we can not even hesitate, if that is not enough economic hardship in the country in the late '80s, then saw the gun would be released in the form of a serial reference, it is not clear just why when the situation is more or less improved, this weapon do not remember and do not take for some reason, the new base.

In the management of fire sniper rifle CRS and its variant with folding butt-CRS with almost everything similar to SVD. Despite the fact that the designers have substantially reduced the length of the receiver, they left the main parts of the control placement in the places where they have become common in many shooters. On the right side of the instrument is placed a little smaller fuse switch guns, which in its own bottom position removes the gun with a fuse in the top of the rifle to shoot the same unrealistic. Just a few do not habitually looks small window to eject spent cartridges, but the pen gate is placed on its own usual place, and those who "talked" with the IRS may find it intuitively. Lock Shop rifle is placed immediately behind the shop, which is also completely normally and can not cause any prirekany. The store itself is made by stamping tools, has a capacity of 10 patrons, with all this in its size it is smaller than the store SVD, also only have a positive effect on the usability of the tool. Not surprisingly looks to handle a rifle with a folding stock version, the fact that the handle is not quite neat appearance and seems to be quite awkward, but in fact a tool — not a Christmas tree, to be perfect, so prirekany about it also can not be . Pretty excit
ing moments will be what many say as a negative quality tools that rear sight is mounted on the rifle forearm. In fact, this is not true. Rear sight is mounted on the rifle receiver guns and plastic forearm just passes under it, which is what makes the illusion that the goal is set on a plastic forearm. Naturally, at this point, this rifle looks outdated, though it did almost 30 years ago, and then strips of any type, "Picatinny" that hung on all sides of the modern instrument, no one thought, made a very common instrument, that was applicable only to shoot, but did not hit the man in the street own beauty, by the way, for some reason this particular tool and it seems to me more beautiful. Despite this, the main characteristics of guns are pretty good and today. Well, to make plausible the installation of a variety of sights and the rest, in my opinion, is not particularly large discrepancy, even more so for the gun previously not commercially produced, for the same automatic Kalashnikov developed separate sets, which can significantly increase the number of additional devices installed.

According to the results of field tests conducted after the presentation of CRS and CRS-C instrument was seen as entirely promising and was sent back for revision, and it concerned the cartridge 6h49, which, though could argue with the 7.62 x 54, but had some shortcomings, which were all faster associated with accuracy at ranges up to 400 meters. All the same tool, which was to change the IRS, was to "beat" it in all ways. Despite the fact that the outlook and have guns and cartridges were, all subsequent work was stopped due to the reduced funding. At that covered more than one project at a sniper rifle CRS and CRS-C, and Munitions 6h49 as a whole, in other words, and other specimens of guns, many of which have only just begun to design. Closed down temporarily, but as you can see at the moment, forever, at least for the coming fate of any rifle or cartridge 6h49 can not hear anything. In the coming generation of designers used to develop a flame arrester for submachine gun Bizon-2, the stock gained SVD-S, and it is still in civilian clothes Tiger-9 also used the same flash suppressor, but consider it for implementation of developments designers obviously impossible. One could almost say that all the funds that have been spent on the development of the guns and ammunition were simply wasted, because the usefulness of these tangible costs are not brought. It should again be noted that the utility was not the fault of the gun, but simply because at first all the work to put the best of times, and then simply have forgotten or do not want to remember that the most likely. To be honest, I never would be surprised if this instrument and this cartridge, but in a different wrapper resurface after 10 years as an offer from a "friendly" personal arms company to substitute in the army sniper rifles SVD, but who- or both opamyatovatsya and popular talent search instead take an interest in what is available in the bins Research Institute, and there are very many exciting and most importantly useful, but lost in vain.

In general, apart from the fact that the ammunition and weapons have forgotten about at all, I am somewhat disingenuous. In fact the continuation of the story, it is true sequel quite short and rather sad end. The fact that the ammunition 6h49 tried "revive" in the late 90's in the Tula TsKIB, but this attempt was quite moderate and ended back only as an experimental prototype that, but managed to war, though not for long. We are talking about a sniper rifle TKB-0145K, all under the same cartridge 6h49.

"Father" is the designer of this gun AB Hells, he decided in his own way to make a new weapon more small-sized, and most importantly easier, in general, easier to implement SVD is gone. The main "chip" of the gun is that it is made in the line Bullpup that gives great freedom mechanisms while maintaining the short length of the gun. Thus, the length of the rifle equivalent of 1060 millimeters, which allows no special difficulties to transport it in armored vehicles, and specifically by the shooter. Weight guns is exactly 4 pounds without the sights and ammunition. Barrel length remains so well as in the CRS — 720 mm, in order to provide a very effective application of the cartridge 6h49. Such a decision to reduce the length of the instrument has both its positive and negative features. On the one hand, reducing the length of a fairly significant, with another assembly Bullpup has a number of shortcomings, which just so decide in the weapon failed. On the other hand, the sniper rifle is one of those types of guns, public assembly Bullpup more applicable, because the small rate of fire allows you to exclude such a nasty flaw as irritation of the mucous membrane powder gases arrow. But despite the low rate of fire is a tool to use when shooting from the left shoulder is quite problematic, not enough that the eyes will flash cartridge cases and controls are placed only on the right-hand guns, so stick to the same gate will be in the vicinity of a particular to the arrow, and it is at least annoying, and forces to think about their own safety.

In addition to being a sniper rifle TKB-0145K is made to assemble a bullpup, it has a number of features that are not found in other specimens of the gun. So, a fascinating feature of the tool was that as the powder gases are discharged to provide the automation tools. In most samples guns that use the scheme with automatic removal of powder gases from the barrel, tap the powder gases comes from the barrel through the hole in the trunk, in the moment of impact and the beginning of the piston affects the accuracy of the gun. In the case of TCB-0145K outlet gases from the barrel is at the muzzle guns that almost one hundred percent of the automation eliminates the impact on accuracy. Because of the similar system powder combustion gases, the use of the gas regulator was impossible that, in general, in this case, is not necessary, because the normal operation of the automation in a variety of criteria achieved operating weight of individual parts of machinery tools, which is a prerequisite for that sniper rifle TKB-0145K 200 grams heavier than the SVD. But in my opinion it is fully justifiable price for a higher precision instruments and the fact that it will work flawlessly in bolshennom range of temperatures and other criteria. An important role in the reliability of instruments was the fact that it is very protected from dust and even more so of sand inside the receiver. Powered rifle from detachable box magazine capacity of 10 rounds 6h49. In addition to open sights, gun is equipped with a telescopic sight POSP 8×42 PSO-1 or, of course, does not prevent the installation of other devices.

All controls are placed instrument to the right rifle, making an additional obstacle to the use of this instrument left-handed. In addition, the switch fuse is located on the right-hand guns, but much further store, which makes it quite comfortable to switch, so no flaws and this weapon has not done. Other elements do not cause prirekany: trigger safety latch bracket and store usually performed entirely, of course, adjusted for the assembly tool. In general, the ease of operation of this instrument does not cause prirekany, not counting the switch fuse, which is practically under the armpit hand, the benefit that it does not need to switch after each shot.

If you associate a sniper rifle TKB-0145K with a sniper rifle of the SIS is to give unquestioning favor one etalon is difficult, if only because it strongly enough disk imaging on the arms, and of associated experimental models nepriznatelnoe thing, but of course you can try. By weight, guns, lead, of course, TKB-0145K, but at the same time, the CRS is more comfortable to use, despite its enormous size. In TKB-0
145K features a unique scheme fence powder gases at the muzzle, which increases the accuracy of the instrument, at the same time, such a result is due to try and CRS designers free to post a rifle barrel. In its combat gun features a very, very close to each other, so that in principle it can be said that both models are equal to each other, if not a "but." CRS and its variant with a folding stock ICS-C is more comfortable when shooting from the left shoulder, and such a need may occur not only due to the fact that the shooter used to eating with his left hand, and due to the fact that it was specifically cover the right of it and you can only carry fire from the left. In other words, when firing on the right shoulder of the shooter in such a situation will be like in the palm of the enemy in sight, get over it as if he's going to fire from the left shoulder will be much more difficult. In addition, the CRS-C with folded butt has the shortest length than the TKB-0145K, which may in some cases be quite critical. In general, in my modest opinion, CRS is a more appropriate tool for ubiquitous in the military in relation to the TKB-0145K. But here TKB-0145K, there is one undeniable advantage in the form of combat experience and positive feedback, what can not brag semi-automatic sniper rifle JMC.

In 2001, semi-automatic sniper rifle TKB-0145K has been involved in the fighting in the North Caucasus, where she received a lot of positive reviews. One of the main reasons why you liked this rifle was, as it is easy to guess, ammunition 6h49 who excelled in their traits Sniper 7.62 x 54 cartridge. It is also important was the fact that the observed maximum precision instruments in relation to the IRS, as evidenced by the fact that the enemy snipers armed with SVD, not once were struck from the TKB-0145K, with all this could not clearly answer the fire of their own larger caliber rifles. Separately, it was also noted the fact that the tool more comfortable to use for goals to move around, but this award is not guns, just the same the highest speed of the bullet, in other words ammunition that was used in it. Separately noted the unusual nature of his guns and small sizes. Such positive feedback rifle TKB-0145K earned during the period from February to September 2001. On the basis of these reviews about the weapon was proposed as soon as possible to make a batch creation of this standard and to arrange for delivery, at first, in place of warfare, which would reduce the loss of personnel in the middle and get a clear advantage over the enemy. Yet neither reviewed nor the advice of people who had to trust my life these weapons have had no effect, and the Weapons, and the cartridge again forgotten. At the time of this writing, no one remembers that there is such a munition and weapon, which was a step away from mass production and mass supplies to the army.

Of course, you can read about the new ammo and brand new sniper rifle is very bold, but, nevertheless, in the stories more than once, it was confirmed that the sniper, acting as part of the company, could radically change the course of battle and save his weapons is tantamount to the crime. In general, you can say about any fighter, so that, ultimately, saving on military armament and equipment is a sin. But we have a promising 3-4 models of pistols, which can not determine whom to give and what to give to whom, it is still omitting the fact that some of them more than advertised in general can be considered zabugornom. We have mnogokaliberny machine, tasks which can almost always do gladkostvol with the right ammunition. A lot of what we have, but not something that is really needed. In support can bring my lover example — AKS-74U replacement for sub-machine guns at PPP. Promise, promise, even called some models and tools as possible, but no "give birth" can not. In the end, because you can not promise, and said bluntly, "Now there is no power and money, how will the issue be resolved", of course, provided that it really is resolved. And so it appears that the armed men that from which you can not shoot, because a small place in the city is likely to hook anyone else in the 200-300 meters. Armed with that of the creepy shoot indoors, afraid to bounce and so on. With all of this particularly striking that sought "talents" that are donated will offer ideas for the development of the military industry. No undertaking, of course, is good, and it can only be welcome, but why did not initially realize some of the most promising developments that have been abandoned, as long as they have not lost its relevance at all. After all, is it possible to remain "high and dry", the designers offered a complex and precious — we will not do, craftsmen or offer the same, or nonsense — is not going. Neuzh is saying about the pursuit of hares with 2 forgotten?

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