Confusing loud roar woke residents of the right bank of the Neva


20.07.12.Chitateli "Fontanka" complain to the strange sounds that are heard in the Kalinin and Krasnogvardejskiy districts of the city on the right bank of the Neva.

Messages are received from residents, as Marshal Blucher, etc., and in subway stations Novocherkassk and Ladoga.

"Frighten horrifying sounds like an airplane turbine works. Occur periodically growing, with an interval of a few minutes, "- says a resident of house number 12 and so on Marshal Blucher, noting that in this house except power failure.

Another witness reported that the same sound is heard on Okhta by CHP-17. "The noise is strong, as if the air is vented at the volume — as if standing next to a plane taking off. The noise was 30-80 seconds, and then decreases sharply. Began as a very sharp "- write it.

Strange sounds began to be heard about 1:00 on the night of July 20.


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