Food flavors — natural deception



If you are one morning, that'll decide to eat only organic food. And ask to buy in the supermarket foods without preservatives, flavors, there is a risk to get out of the store empty-handed.

In the supermarket, you will not find any dairy desserts, yogurt, curds, no flavorings. Artificial flavors, preservatives, flavor enhancers, are ubiquitous, cakes, candies, waffles, tea, soft drinks, juices, chips, crackers.

According to the documentary "Habitat", every third package of tea and a fifth pack of flavored oatmeal. Flavors found even in baby food, canned milk and dried fruits. Flavors are deceiving our brains, olfactory receptors are known to us capture the smells, and the person works gustatory memory. It turns: just give the product the smell of fish, chicken or bacon to your brain decided that actually eats fish or bacon.

Why, all that we eat and use, from food to shampoo and cream, flavored with manufacturers?

More than 70% of all products contain fragrances. The reason is that today, in manufacturing products are how intensive treatment, to ensure that all components of the smell, taste, color, disappear. And the result is a product with no proper for our brain taste and smell.

Besides using flavorings can mask an unpleasant odor and taste spoiled or cheap raw materials, it is extremely important for the dairy and meat industries. It is amazing, but in the production of food and household products use the same ingredients to impart a pleasant flavor!

And the words "flavor identical to natural" does not mean that the product has a natural composition. She says that the natural odor formula entirely reconstituted synthetic method. In Europe and the U.S. on this definition refused, they clearly demarcated "chemistry" and organic foods. It turns out that for the flavor, manufacturers can add even hydrogen sulfide, which egg smell or cyanide — the smell of almonds?

The most used food flavors.

Chocolate. Completely chemical odor related to cocoa — beans not very popular in the manufacture of creams for the body and in the food industry. Simultaneously acts as both a dye, which allows manufacturers to save the dye.

Jasmine. About 50% of all green tea sold with this flavored, because the extract of flowers of this plant — a rarity. And often it is replaced with chemical equivalent.

Vanillin / ethyl vanillin. Has nothing to do with natural vanilla, because it is too expensive and complex for use in industry. Therefore, the 75% substitute ethyl vanillin, it is added to the ice cream and chocolate. It perfectly suppresses medical and chemical odor in cosmetics and household products.

Citral. This ingredient you will not find on the package, which is what is included in the citral components of citrus flavor. Proved that the damage metabolic functions of the body.

The use of flavorings, food allergy disorder.

In accordance with the law, the manufacturer must specify all flavors are used: artificial flavorings or natural, but the sign E, (here enter -699 and E600 flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate) to denote not necessarily. The manufacturer can only write "flavor identical to natural. The main thing that these flavors were allowed by law-SinPIn 1293 — 03.


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