From the Atlantic to the Pacific: Putin suggests Europes common market

From the Atlantic to the Pacific: Putin suggests Europe's common market

President Vladimir Putin believes that the level of cooperation between Russia and the EU does not correspond to the potential parties, and invites Europeans to make a single market, extending from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

According to "Interfax" Putin said at a meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that "we are with Europe could set an ambitious goal — to build a single market by Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the trillions of euros. "

But Russian business in the outer markets are often confronted with unfounded restrictions, the president, so it requires constant support from the diplomatic corps.

"The resources of economic diplomacy, we're talking long time ago, but did not have gained fundamental configurations — he chided the Foreign Ministry. — And this is especially noticeable in the criteria, when the world economy reached metastases crisis and protectionism becomes the norm."

"You have to be quick to act — called Putin. — Do not promote products smuschyatsya Russian military-industrial complex." According to him, other countries — the U.S., France, Israel — "it has long been built to the rank of state policy and carry it very aggressively."

Putin regrets that Ukraine remains outside of the Eurasian economic space. "It is a pity that the outside of this process is still brotherly Ukraine", — he said, and noted that the estimated-independent professionals accession of Ukraine to the process, "certainly, would render both Ukraine and the whole process more dynamic, of course, was be positive from an economic and social point of view. "

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