From the smallest to more — Taurus PT 2045

In a previous article has described a series of handguns for self-defense under the general heading of Taurus Slim. These guns were one of those rarest of phenomena observed when the relative balance between ease of use and its instruments of the smallest dimensions, making the data a good gun for self-defense weapon. Following in not quite the ordinary way, which is accepted in the world of guns, and instead of reducing the size of the gun, on the contrary, their increment, so the company made a model of Taurus pistol PT 2045, which was presented to the public in 2009. Specifically with that gun and we will try to read this article, and he came out pretty fun, even despite the fact that almost everything is identical with the family of pistols Slim.

From the smallest to the largest - Taurus PT 2045It would appear that simply increasing the size of guns should not affect much on its outer form, but even if the compact version of the gun and put next to a full-sized, the differences between them can be seen with very great difficulty. The reason for this is that the very changed silhouette guns, in addition, oblique faces of the family of pistols Slim gate smoother after the ejection of spent cartridges, which makes the appearance of unfamiliar instruments. Why was it created a tool by Taurus? The answer lies in the fact that the family of pistols Slim does not have a standard .45 ACP, that is correct, and immediately test the response of buyers at gun increased size did PT 2045. So Makarov, left a gun with a total length of 185 mm, with barrel length 108 mm, weighing 890 g unloaded. As in the family of pistols Slim, this weapon found widespread use plastic of which the frame is made. But plastic with plastic, but without the metal failed to do, so the weight pistol and close to 900 grams, which is still lower than that of similar models made completely of steel. Brightly that despite the increase in size, the thickness of the gun remained low, so it's still Slim.

The right-hand side of the gun is unloaded completely from some parts of the administration, except that oboestoronny slider which designed for disassembly tools can be counted in one of the parts. On the left side of the gun has a complete set of all the "nazhimalok" and "krutelok," which are found in most models of pistols. So immediately above the handle of the gun close to the back of her, placed the switch fuse that was in the full-size model guns are not the most comfortable, because they are comfortable managing to produce a huge finger of his left hand while holding the gun with 2 hands, which was particularly the burning of smallest, lightest models. In general, a 2-arms fire and a comfortable full-size model of the gun. Still holding his hand to switch the fuse is not available, and it's all the same disadvantage. But the slide stop button is placed in such a Makarov that the thumb rests on her own by changing the store, so that the gun is a plus. Despite the fact that the placement of the switch fuse provides a more comfortable using a 2-hand operation with gun safety bracket does not sag to the index finger of the second hand in front of his own, the manufacturer decided to confine wavy ribs. The trigger hook forked, has an automatic safety, which will protect the instrument from being accidentally pressed the trigger. In the frame of guns are completely useless recesses which, logically, should be placed in the same place and switch to disassemble guns, but placed much further. Their placement is suggestive of the fact that, apparently, someone made a mistake when designed shape. In the box under the gun barrel is the mounting location for the laser target designators or compact flashlight. Magazine eject button is placed in contiguity trigger guard to the handle of the gun. Sights are open PT 2045, consist of the rear sight and front sight, have no ability to control and can not be changed on the sights of another option. Overall gun came out quite ergonomic, if forget about the non-automatic safety switch, in addition, the small thickness of the gun has a positive effect on his concealed carrying, despite the fact that other measures are not sufficient for this feature. So this gun can become a tool for self-defense, if you like.

From the smallest to the largest - Taurus PT 2045Automatic pistol is built on the scheme with little recoil, locking is the window to eject spent cartridges. Thus, in the usual position of guns, the projection of the cartridge chamber comes into engagement to eject spent cartridges, and the barrel is placed parallel to the housing-bolt. But while firing the powder gases are pushing back the sleeve, which is the basis for the work of the entire automation. Received impetus from the sleeve, jacket-gate starts moving backwards, clutching revertible spring and enticing for a gun barrel. Trunk and guard-gate would move together to the end, if a gun was not chambered tide, in which pierce the slot through which the pin is fastened to the frame of the gun. When driving housing-bolt and the barrel of the interaction of the groove and the pin leads to the fact that the breech of the barrel drops, respectively ledge above the cartridge chamber is clear of the window to eject spent cartridges. The barrel is stopped and the guard-gate continues to move, extracting and ejecting the spent case her and moves to the rearmost point of its own, continuing to compress the spring revertible. After cover-shutter comes to their own back position, revertible spring located under the barrel guns, starts straighten that forces move cover-stopper in the direction of working, in other words to come. On its own the way back from the store, he pulls out a new cartridge and insert it into the chamber, leaning into the breech of the barrel, cover-gate pushes him forward, causing a tidal interaction with the pin cartridge chamber, but with reverse effect — the breech of the barrel rises. Its elevation leads to the fact that the window to eject spent cartridges comes back ledge above the cartridge chamber and the barrel is locked up again.

Trigger gun striker type, in other words, the trigger gun RT 2045 does not have. Catchy that despite the absence of the trigger and the mechanism for smooth descent hammer gun has a trigger mechanism of the ordinary double-act. In other words, as was the runaway round into the chamber, trigger gun is cocked, exactly as after each shot. Despite this, if Preparatory cocking the trigger was not, the platoon is and when you press the trigger. So Makarov, it appears that with every move housing-bolt trigger gun is cocked, and the ability to smoothly pull the firing pin is not, accordingly, a situation where a cartridge in the chamber and the trigger mechanism is not cocked guns can not be in principle. While it may be planned in the design of the gun to add a smooth descent drummer, the availability of the DA mode is fully justified, but because there is no smooth descent and is not expected the question remains open.
On the right side of the gun is placed already common to all models of Taurus pistols so called security lock. Using a standard key lock that is closed, resulting in blocking of the trigger gun. Naturally, such a device is not able to protect the tool someone from using it except the owner, say for stealing, yet similar device quite comfortably, if not to forget to use them and, more imp
ortantly, pre-open this lock, because, for example, in the case of self-defense does not have time for it, To open it up and mess around with the keys. Yes, even if the time will be, a very small chance that the person is able to cope with the stress of the task. So that the device and useful and harmful.

Despite the fact that the base of the gun is made of ABS plastic with metal inserts for the movement of housing-bolt, the abundance of certain company Taurus has made all the same. Thus, the gun may be in the implementation of casing burnished bolt-and-shutter casing of stainless steel. First embodiment of the gun characterized in that it is shaped as letters in the title, the second embodiment has two bukovkoy designation SS. Oh, and just started talking about naming, then many may be incomprehensible figure 12, which is indicated by a dash at the end, but she only says that the gun shop has a capacity of 12 rounds. Accordingly, the title of the gun PT 2045B-12 provides us that the gun has a case-gate carbon steel, burnished protected, and has a shop with a capacity of 12 rounds. Well, as the title states that the gun uses the .45 ACP.

If you give a brief description of this weapon, it will not be very specific. On the one hand are comfortable wearing and use, quite effective ammunition, on the other — an instrument has a lot of small issues that spoil the whole picture. This is evident also from the fact that the gun is not widespread and fame, and in the middle of Taurus pistols changed its other models. Yet, the attempt to increase the family of pistols Slim was, and though she was not the most successful tool exists, in fact, someone buys it, and it means someone completely satisfied.

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