In Kyshtym fear of mass plague fish


Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, April 14 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In Kyshtym environmental disaster could be repeated in 2010, when the local pond was a mass death of fish. One of the users of the pond — a guide of the local nursing home knows about the problem, but to take part in saving the fish declines. Instead, the director has to be involved in rescue work or unemployed.

As the correspondent of "New Region", in April 2010, in Dehanovom pond, located on the banks of the sanatorium "Long dacha" experienced massive fish kills. Several tons of fish have died because of lack of oxygen in the water.

Commission administration Kyshtym, surveyed pond, the Guidance to the municipal health center, as one of the users of the pond, a letter of need to perform a number of activities, such as cutting holes in the ice.

Sanatorium director expressed concern about the fact that the current spring sea fish could be repeated again. At the same doubts that the measures taken to help prevent a repeat of history. In addition, the resort does not assume any water user, referring to the fact that the required documents have not been issued. According to the manual, in the area of the resort gets only coastal area with boat rental. In addition, according to this, spending on these activities can be regarded as a misuse of the budget.

The management agency suggested inviting for cutting holes in the ice of unemployed persons registered with the Employment Service, or rescuers. Upon learning of this reaction, the officials of the local committee on ecology generally offered to fence the beach resort area of the pond fence: not helping — not allowed to use. In response to a sanatorium say: you do not have rights, it is an area shared.

According to administration officials, if the resort enjoys a pond, it must also contribute to its improvement and maintenance. On the balance of the sanatorium are officially water networks, so management must monitor their condition.

The department of civil protection is also not agree with the leadership of health institutions. According to officials, all water users pond has adopted measures to prevent fish kills, including local vacationers. In this summer in the resort put on a show on the water, it houses Baywatch basking holidaymakers. That is, the pond is used for recreational purposes, but his accomplishment pension is not involved. While the mayor's office and resort debate, experts fear that the fish sea again soon. Meanwhile, it is in the long-range cottages in June will be celebrated Bazhovsky festival. And dotted with dead fish shore, and offensive odor is unlikely to please the tourists.

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