In Yelabuga and Mendeleev areas dying trees


(Yelabuga, August 4, "Tatar-Inform", Gulshat Sultanov). The problem of mass drying of spruce forests have faced this year Elabuzhsky foresters. The reason for this small ecological disaster — last year's abnormally dry summers.

Of the four areas served Yelabuga forestry, mostly spruce were drying in the Yelabuga and Mendeleev areas. Killed enough, full fir, which can be used for household needs, because of the openness of the root system. They dry up before our eyes, for 2-3 months.

The forests are also killed and birch — they also could not withstand the intense heat of 2010. Because of the lack of moisture in the soil before they have the usual yellow and opal foliage. Spring birch could not dissolve the kidney — this means that they are dead or very weak.

Another of the causes of death of green space — bark beetles. Weakened trees can not withstand the voracious beetles.

Effective chemical means to combat these pests do not exist. Therefore it is necessary to cut down on time damaged trees, forestry officials say Yelabuga. Also deadwood at any time can cause fires.


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