Is there a monster in Loch Ness?

Perhaps there is no better known in the world of monster than Nessie of Loch Ness in Scotland. The first mention of this unknown animal was obtained as early as 565 AD Since there are many references, witness statements, photos, which show something like animal with a long neck and two humps.
On the lake for many years under investigation and the search for the unknown occupant. Around this creature created many secrets, legends and stories.

Still, scientists are inclined to believe that the Loch Ness monster — no more than a myth by which the Loch Ness each year attracts thousands of tourists, photos and video — advertising campaign. Studies bottom of the lake showed that it can not be driven any large animal, as there was no large passages found in the lake, or a sufficient amount of food. Oh, and if you want to buy contact lenses to see better Loch Ness monster, you can do it online

Tie the monster also to tectonic movements in the rock bottom of the lake, where the bubbling surface of the water and heard a sound like the roar of an animal. There is a theory that what they see on the surface of the water — not a monster, but just wave.

The fact that the lake is composed of two layers of water: the lower and upper warm cold. At movement of the lower layer, a wave that breaks through the second layer on the surface with a roar, which again resembles the sounds made by animals. There is also a theory that this is not an unknown monster, and swimmers trained circus elephants. After all, with the distance from the water are only visible trunk, the head and torso, creating the impression that the water is unknown animal with a long narrow neck.

Scientists say that people see what they want to see. On this occasion, it was done a lot of experiments, when poking out of the water part of the fence in front of a group of tourists, and later people said they saw the beast rising out of the water.

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