Juvenile Justice at the threshold


22.10.12.Esche recently the term "juvenile justice" was unknown to most of us. Now he knows all viewers, although the contents are only vaguely. The memory stuck one: it allows justice to take from the parents of children in children's homes without their consent or the court.

For any slap or spank parents can deprive children of the complaint or denunciation beloved children of neighbors. Popular was the nightmarish story of a Russian wife Finn — representatives of this same justice to take away her four children, including infants. So some of the protection of children's rights arising from the widespread implementation of human rights.

Law on Juvenile Justice is about to be ratified by the State Duma, despite protests and petitions of many sensible people point to the fact that it destroys family relationships and traditional Christian morality. From now on, in Russia the state organization will have the legal right to control the relationship of parents with children, guided sometimes ill-founded complaints are caused by momentary moods or negative emotions. The road will be open to arbitrary, parents have to be afraid of their own children, which, of course, fraught with family strife.

Of course, child abuse juvenile justice not eradicate — it is caused by the sinful nature of man. In modern conditions, abundant violence and crime, the justice system did not even weaken but will only make a more subtle and disguised. And that's just the physical punishment of children for misconduct, which has always been used for educational purposes, will become a criminal offense and could end in prison. "Only me, touch me, I'm planted" — says resentful teenage father or mother, enraged by his behavior.

Why enter the juvenile justice system in Russia? It already has a committee for minors, who in court to the children's home for disadvantaged children. Due to mainly drinking these families, alas, is increasing. It would be enough to strengthen and improve the work of the committees. But it can not be a liberal supporters of juvenile justice. Their ultimate goal — the destruction of the family as the basis of social life, society split by age. Therefore, they ignore the most important problem of street children and orphans in the country's hundreds of thousands, promote sexual molestation of children ("safe sex" with 11 years), children are told false idea of their special, different from adults' rights. "

How dangerous juvenile justice, seen above all the Russian women who married Scandinavians, for in Scandinavia it in special honor. These women naively believed that, having left Russia, they live in a prosperous and secure world, where there is no violence and cruelty. The reality was not so rosy. Because of the color and Roma growing crime, lack of pedophiles, the number of alcoholics is not reduced. Russian habit of raising children are faced with Western law, according to which children have immunity. Add to this the widespread dislike of the Finns and the Swedes to the Russian. There was a certain injustice to it was the Russian women and their children of mixed marriages, despite the fast-paced assimilation, which is characteristic of the current Russian abroad.

The arbitrariness of juvenile justice has led to noisy conflicts and seek diplomatic intervention by Russia, but most importantly — it has strengthened our parents resist the approval of the anti-family legislation. Deputies of the "United Russia" and "Fair Russia" have voted for him in the State Duma in the first reading. Sure, they also go to the next. Juvenile law is adopted, Putin to veto or even kill him — it does not disturb the people's protest. It was as he was, and remains a supporter of anti-Russian liberal reforms. Spare our families …

Athanasius Vorontsov


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