Latvian residents reported bright moving celestial body. Photo. Video



22.05.11.Gosudarstvennaya Fire and Rescue Service (GPSS) on Sunday night, from 2.30 to 4 hours, received calls from four different places in Latvia with information about the bright moving object in the sky, said an expert on public relations services Ilze Bunkshe.

Thus, in 2.40, the man who was driving at Jurmala highway to Riga, saw in the sky a luminous moving body, is directed toward the Gulf of Riga.

As eyewitness Reinis Petersons, he along with a friend about three o'clock in the morning in a car driving down the highway from Jurmala to Riga, and in a place where traditionally a zone on the highway fog machine filled the cabin a bright blue light.

"For two or three seconds it seemed that flew near a huge comet or asteroid — do not even know what to call it — and it is a celestial body left in the direction of Scandinavia. At that moment, when I saw the comet, my two feet were on the brake pedal, as the asteroid was so great that I expected it to be a shock wave or something like. It is difficult to convey the emotions I experienced, "- said the agency LETA Petersons.

"Of course, we called on the phone 112 and told what had happened. First, imagine that I — National Guard Cpl Petersons, that people do not think that I am — an advertising agent company Tele2, but they said they have already received similar calls, "- said the Petersons.

Bunkshe also said that similar information was obtained even from three different places in Latvia. About a luminous celestial body moving residents reported Marupe Tome (Kegumssky edge), and Mengele (Ogre region).

Since GPSS no additional information that glow land or anything on fire, the service took the calls, but the place did not go out.



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