Milky Way satellites are changing notions of galaxies

Milky Way satellites are changing ideas about galaxies Facts

Close to our Milky Way galaxy has a large concentration of satellite galaxies and star clusters. A more detailed examination of these satellites was very surprised the scientific community, as it undermines the credibility of the theory of dark matter, the mysterious invisible substance that is supposed to be about 23% of the total mass of the universe.

The collision of two large galaxies, causing the dispersal of matter.

Found cosmic structures only reinforce doubts about astronomers dark matter, which is estimated should be close to the Sun, but in reality it was not there. Using data from the archives of the 20th century and modern sources of information about space scientists from the University of Bonn was reconstructed location of the known satellite galaxies, the Milky Way.

It turned out that almost all the 20 satellites, including dwarf galaxies and clusters of stars (globular clusters) are scattered around our home galaxy within a flat surface that rotates perpendicular to the disk of the Milky Way. This completely contradicts the theory of dark mother, according to which all satellites should be distributed more or less evenly around the galaxy and make it into a sphere. This is the classic model of galaxy formation, which depends on the existence of dark matter, acting as a gravitational center around which all the components are going to the host galaxy, and after and satellite galaxies. On the example of the Milky Way shows that the satellite galaxies are quite different. This could mean that the dark matter does not exist at all, which completely negates the modern cosmology.

Explain the situation with the Milky Way, German scientists have tried, suggesting that it has acquired its satellites, faced with a neighboring galaxy about 11 billion years ago (the age of the oldest known dwarf galaxies). To place a collision under the force of attraction of the Milky Way were drawn fragments neighboring galaxy, which subsequently became the new satellite galaxies, rotating as described above. If the theory of scientists is correct, then it opens up the world a new way of forming galaxies without dark matter or invented another theoretical substance, forcing astronomers to revise views on the order of the universe.

Still, the existence of dark matter is not so easy to give up. Many scientists, supporting the discovery, made in Bonn, said that the process of galaxy formation is too complex, and all the details we will never be known. So that the presence of dark matter can not be completely denied. In favor of this is the fact that satellite galaxies behave as if their mass is more than it seems, if we analyze only the visual data about them. However, in Bonn immediately reminded of MOND, modified Newtonian dynamics, which can explain the phenomenon of the mass of galaxies, again excluding the conversation dark matter.

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