Officers liquidated as a class

Officers liquidated as a class

For the first time in the history of our own native land ceases to prepare lieutenants for the Army and Navy

On June 30, the Kremlin took the usual trick of graduates of military schools. Supreme Commander Dmitry Medvedev, speaking to the audience, made a number of promises of more conventional sounding once a year. Namely, he vowed: "More in Russia will not be homeless officers!"

It seems now to promise closer to fulfillment. But at what cost! Maybe soon in Russia will not be not only homeless, and the general officers.

Recently the spread Interfax one of the wildest news ever to come from the War Department: "Due to the sharp decline in officer positions in the armed forces as part of a new kind of army and navy personnel order for the training of officers in the universities of species and genera decision Defense Forces suspended for the period up to 2012. " For the first time in the history of our own native land ceases to prepare officers to serve in the army and navy (with all this growing rate of "stamping" of such personnel for the Ministry of Internal Affairs — why would it?). Such does not even mentioned during the Revolution and the civilian war.

Defense Ministry clarifies its innovation that training officers to command platoons, companies and battalions was irrelevant in the reform process, as their in Russian army is currently in surplus. How Not so long ago, said the first deputy chief of the Head of Personnel (SMC), the Ministry of Defence, Rear Admiral Peter Antipin, due to the reduction in the Armed Forces of the regular number of officers to 150 thousand as of today more than 40 thousand officers do not have full-time positions, and are possession of command. Yet nearly five thousand officers put on the sergeant's office.

"In order to save the 2009 release of the young officers of the university, we had to go for it, to assign them to positions of sergeants in the kinds and types of troops, also in the Navy. That's about 4,700 people, "- said Antipin. With all this, Rear Admiral promised that held the young lieutenant release in June 2010, will join the ranks of the unemployed officers. "There still hard to find their future fate. The main thing is that these officers were on our personnel records, we do not let out of sight "- with pride, as the highest achievement, said Antipin.

Let me remind you that in September last year a set of future officers decreased by 6 times. Instead of the usual 18-20 thousand in military schools and academies received only three thousand people. This year, they generally will not. Serdyukovtsy nurture the latest support in protecting Otpechestva — NCO corps. According to the views of the General Staff, it was he who would be the main figure in the army refreshed.

According to Serdyukov's plan with the company, the new "look promising" Armed Forces anticipates that the troops in two or three years will serve 105 thousand sergeants professionals. While some of them will have to undergo special training in the faculties of the higher military schools for 2 years and 10 months, to assume the position of platoon commanders, heads of workshops and senior technicians. Others — in schools sergeants from 5 to 10 months (it is planned that they will change the line of duty warrant officers). And still others — for 5.5 months finished the district training center to become squad leaders, military vehicles and calculations. It is understood that Sgt.-professional will receive 20 thousand rubles per month (about as much as now lieutenant).

Over the last year The number of higher military educational institutions has been reduced from 65 to 10. The remaining graduate training of officers and sergeants will go on release. For example, the Metropolitan Higher Military Command School, which will become a branch of the military training and research center of the Land Forces, will be recruited about 150 students who will undergo training sergeant and
receive diplomas of military professionals middle managers — the commanders of infantry, tank, engineering crews, offices, calculations, etc. Such sets of cadets for training sergeant positions will be held at other universities in the armed forces.

Many military experts beating the alarm: it's not just projects is open and the destruction of the army, while accompanied by a "sawing" cyclopean amount as it was, say, the Federal motivated applets (FTP) "The transition to manning military personnel undergoing military service under the contract, number of formations and military units. "

Under the terms of the programs from 2003 to 2007 year to contract acquisition should translate 155.3 thousand military units continued readiness in the Marine Corps, Navy, Army troops, crews of nuclear submarines in the strategic missiles on board (total 131.6 thousand), as part of the Border, Interior and railway troops FAGCI and Special Construction Code (still 23.7 million people). Instead of 131.6 thousand fighter and sergeants, four years barely scored 79 thousand people. More simply not scrape together more or less sane "children of Perestroika." Even those who took painstaking selection, do not stand up to scrutiny. The growth of the atrocities in the middle of this category of servicemen is 11.3%. In parts of the same alert — 21.7%. Predominant among them are offenses of evasion of military service (28% of those throws on the run), outrages against the local population, domestic drunkenness. Some reason, the Ministry of Defense believes that the potential sergeants will go more valuable personnel. On the "contract" was allocated 112 billion rubles., However, specifically to the Army and the Navy reached even half as much less — only 40 billion rubles.

— The Federal motivated program from the junior officers for 2009-2011 allocated more — 243.4 billion rubles, — told the "joint venture" manager of the Center for Military Forecasting, Colonel Anatoly Tsiganok. — I am convinced that when they "run out", we will hear from the defense ministry bodrenky report about the failure of this and applets.

— Staffing an abundance of young officers at the moment there is here a situation will unfold in four or five years, no one calculates. If you currently do not gain the cadets for officer positions, in the future, naturally, we will face their disadvantage. Educational streams at universities and issues specialist officers should be continuous and yearly. Specifically, it achieved the highest level of combat readiness of the Russian army. At this point, control of the Ministry of Defence for some reason this principle out, — the last Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov.

The last Soviet Defense Minister, now — Chairman of the memory of Marshal Zhukov, Russian Union of Zhora, the control of the State Council of the officers' association officers associations of supplies Marshal Russian Union Dmitry Yazov expressed this worldview:

— Let at least 10 years of teaching these sergeants, nothing will. Ranks invented for nothing. The officers — a completely different status. The backbone of the whole army officers have always been. And thanks to that we have overcome in Lofty Russian war.

Serdyukov logic now can only be realized in this case, if we take at face value his belief that the adversaries in the Russian Federation abroad is no more, but inside the country and their numbers grow stronger.

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