Officially laid the first class submarine Virginia Block III

May 11, 2011 in the South American company General Dynamics Electric Boat in Kuonset Point (Rhode Island) accomplished the official ceremony of laying the first multipurpose nuclear submarine of the newest Virginia-type series Block III — SSN 784 North Dakota. This ship should be the eleventh Underwater boat type Virginia. Itself boat based on the enterprise General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton (Connecticut), and in Kuonset Point made body sections.

The contract for the construction of the PLA SSN 784 was issued by the U.S. Navy for General Dynamics in August 2003. The following financing the construction of the submarine was issued by corporations incorporated into General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman in December 2008, a five-year contract price 14011000000. dollars for the construction of eight submarines of the U.S. Navy Virginia Block III (SSN 784 — SSN 791). The actual construction of the boat was launched in 2009. Launching of North Dakota is expected in 2013, and the transfer of the South American fleet — in 2014. All eight submarines under contract in 2008 to be finished construction in 2019, the cash.

The main differences between the series of submarines Virginia Block III (also known as Batch 2) from the boats series Block I and II (Batch 1) will be the replacement of the bow of a spherical antenna SJC to the latest aerial Large Aperture Bow (LAB), and the substitution of 12 vertical launchers nasal Tomahawk cruise missiles on two universal nasal module Virginia Payload Tubes (VPT) diameter of 2.1 meters, able to be used to accommodate everyone as six cruise missiles, Tomahawk, and other motivated load.

Officially laid the first submarine-type Virginia Block III

Differences in the design of multi-purpose nuclear submarine Virginia Block III type of boat series Block I and II (a) General Dynamics Electric Boat

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