Paranoid America

I. The special mission

To better understand what will be discussed, it is necessary at the outset to turn to medicine. More precisely, to psychiatry. We dig deep will not, but the general concepts yet aware of.

On definition from the Great Russian Encyclopedia, paranoia — is a persistent mental disorder, manifested by systematized delusions (without hallucinations), which is complex content, consistency of evidence and external credibility (the ideas of persecution, jealousy, superior origin, inventions, scientific discoveries, the special mission of social transformation and t . etc.). All the facts that contradict his delirium, swept aside, anyone who does not share beliefs ailing qualifies them as an aggressive personality. Sensual background matches the content of absurdity. The fight for approval, implementation of delusional thoughts and unwavering active. Obvious signs of mental reduction is not, Prof. abilities are usually long lasting. In modern psychiatry dominates the view that paranoia — a symptom that occurs in the course of schizophrenia and some other psychological illnesses …

Enough. Very informative, is not it? No one will know? What did you like that!

Is it nothing to you does not remember the expression on special mission of social transformation? And this the struggle for the adoption and implementation of delusional thinking, which unwavering and active?

But the most important thing: All the facts that contradict his delirium, swept aside, anyone who does not share beliefs ailing qualifies them as an aggressive personality.

And I will help you.

About the particular mission of social transformation, John McCain likes to say. The senior senator from Arizona, in 2008, lost today to President Barack Obama in the election, now reads its the address: "This administration is helpless in foreign policy, and shall be removed from the management of America … This is really an abdication of everything that America stands for and what he believes."

Paranoid America

McCain firmly and vigorously fighting for the adoption and implementation of delusional thoughts, and anyone who does not share his beliefs, immediately qualifies as an aggressive personality. Constantly repeating the need for the South American air strike on Syria, Senator sad about this is that the order of the day or nedavneshnego NATO summit in Chicago was the Syrian issue. Well, the very fact that the question still remains an issue, it can be seen very winds, pushing for social transformation. The more the world of the outstanding issues on McCain the less America is like a hegemon"All this is not only sad and unfortunate. About 10,000 civilians were killed by the inhabitants of Syria's Bashar al-Assad's regime in unfair battles with Russian weapons and operating in areas of the country Iranian militants. And the United States shall be removed to help! Some of the Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia intends to deliver the weapon rebels. But the situation bezotstupno asks South American leadership. We could make a non-hazardous area for resistance, and supply him with an instrument, but America does not want to. It is shameful to an episode in our history. "Backstage Leadership" President Obama says to us that he does not believe in the exclusivity of the United States. "

Yeah, "… with the Russian guns and operating in areas of the country Iranian militants." That's for you and a couple of enemies.

"I am grateful to the president (Obame. — O. C.) for something — reads McCain — that he gave the order to eliminate Osama bin Laden. But it seems to me that at least some other president in his place would have taken exactly the same decision. Why, then, so this glory? Heroes, with whom I have come across, held gingerly. When I travel the world, you can hear the foreign policy they say that America is weak and closed in itself. "

All the facts that contradict his delirium, McCain dismisses. Judge: "Transferring weapons to the resistance fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan — reads McCain — was a mistake. The mistake was the decision to give Afghans their fate after the departure of Russian. " Indeed, it was necessary to stay, foster the "Al-Qaeda", feeding her tseerushnymi money. And even for yourself wonders Henry Kissinger: "Remember, we have once made a mistake in the past, arming to fight the Russian invaders, the Taliban, who later became a danger to our security. We will not repeat this mistake again? "… Know McCain that Kissinger has their own philosophy about the Taliban, he would have qualified as an aggressive personality.

Mitt Romney, a possible presidential candidate, winning today in the "primaries" is in one state or the other, in taking the example of McCain.

Adhering as Mr. Senator, a special presentation of the social mission of America in the world, Romney already decided Syrian issue: "The United States and its allies must organize and arm Syrian opposition groups so that they can protect themselves."

Mr. Romney's opponents find can not only near, and the ocean, "Russia, no doubt, our geopolitical enemy number one." This phrase, uttered in the interview to CNN, that is, on television, is associated with a boom microphone overheard conversation Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev in which heard the words of the president of the South American "room for maneuver". Romney, of course, has not mentioned. Rather, it developed beliefs ailing"Russia is not a friend to us. The fact that president (Obama) expects to find (after the elections in November) room for maneuver when he did not get the opportunity to answer to the South American nation in regard to relations with Russia, I was very worried. "

Paranoid America

Mr. struggle Romney for the adoption and implementation of delusional thoughts and takes on the defense budget. If Mr. Obama believes that the United States has a lot of debt, and America needs to tighten their belts, including the War Department and also, the combative Mitt Romney believes that all you need to do the opposite: not to cut the defense budget and increase it. In case of victory in the presidential election in November 2012, Barack Obama promised to reduce defense spending to 1.6% of GDP — is in the coming 5 years. But Mr. Romney has planned a year spent on "defense" of 4% of GDP. For 10 years, Mike estimates Shedloka, this would amount to 8.3 trillion. U.S. — on the third part of the more than moderate asks Pentagon!

The verbal action of the potential presidential candidate is permitted columnist Mark Adomanisu consider eyes to the world of Mitt Romney shallow, arrogant, and in the
end — a little stupid.

Of course, we can say that George W. Bush sought out effortlessly on the world map only Africa, not shine excellent inferences — but after all, Mr. Romney is, according to his countless statements to the same paranoid breed.

Bush, by the way, you can not quote. (Well, maybe a crazy idea, which has long been Otsmeyavshis over the Web, "These people are trying to shake the will of the Iraqi people, and they want us to leave from Iraq … I think the whole world would be better if we really took and gone … "" I do not bring out the troops [in Iraq], even if Laura and Barney the only ones who support me "). The diagnosis of this former president rulivshemu America 8 years, raised entirely official. This man in 2004, was written by a special book: "Bush on the Couch: inside the president's mind." Its creator — Yankees Justin Frank, a psychotherapist, which found in George W. Bush's dyslexia, paranoia, megalomania, a number of violations of the thought processes and vpribavok penchant for sadism.

Paranoia paranoia, but the failure is not in the Bush, McCain or even Romney. The failure is that they are paranoid, always stick together. It is a very friendly company.

Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate is supported and Bush and Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush, and Sen. Marco Rubio and many more who think Obama Democratic wimp defamatory majestic dictatorial America. The failure in the fact that the election for Romney Ready to Vote 43% of respondents in the United States — just as it is not Obama. This means that Obama bad fit into the company paranoid, control America — and it's going to push the political favor. And so a huge number of respondents whose steadfast and active considerations allow them to take Romney, without delving into what he is, came up against the idea of widespread paranoia across America.

You say, yes it is a personal argument, the creator is not a psychiatrist, and has built an amateur theory, humorously fit it to the determination of the TSB. Nah … I am well prepared. At least four-plus. And I barely know the reading public. Give her all the authorities. If no presidential candidates, the candidates. And even better — doctors. Well, read the following chapters.

II. Collection of Dr. Tracy

June 3 at the resource posted an article of Dr. James F. Tracy, "the U.S. government as the police: the paranoid style of the South American government." Dr. Tracy — Media Research Associate at Florida Atlantic University, and often the creator of Global Research.

The concept of "the paranoid style" of management in America came into use in 1964, when Harper's magazine published an essay, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" from the pen of the historian and public figure of Richard Hofstadter. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, on the views of Hofstadter, has become the emblem of liberal excitement about the serious and in almost all cases, the outstanding issues in respect of the forces behind the South American control. This is the "paranoid style" has promoted and make the generic term "conspiracy theory" (now, perhaps, this is one of the most powerful expressions of the South American political lexicon.) "The American policy was often the scene of angry minds" — oh so Hofstadter wrote. And he added: "I call it the paranoid style simply because no other word for adequate expression of feelings, just sending fervor, exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy — that's what I mean."

Americans, writes James F. Tracy, usually comfort themselves that they live in the criteria of democracy, and the optimum and responsible government, adapts to their needs. But what if that same government asks Dr. Tracy, the development and application of even and fair laws, while protecting the country's borders and interests abroad evinces paranoia Hofstadter? What if in relation to those who government must serve and who should be protected, it has various suspicions and any conspiracy fantasies?

U.S. law, states Tracy is a whole exhibition unnecessary suspicion. This "exhibition" clearly shows that the paranoid style is thoroughly imbued with the South American management, namely, for the last 10 years. An especially high severity of symptoms, according to Tracy, evidenced by the adoption of new laws, programs and regulations, from September 11, 2001.

Indeed, says the doctor, a sharp increase suspicion among South American governments over the last decade — in combination with contempt and criminal forceful and anger against the innocent people inside the country and abroad — shows the possibility of the coming of what can be considered completely paranoid schizophrenia. With the development of such a state entity as a whole is suffering from severe delusions of persecution and suffering from phantom power, which he accepts as something tending to cause him harm.

In general, as becomes clear from an analysis conducted by Dr. Tracy, paranoia among top managers of America manifested for a long period of time before the attack, September 11, 2001. As evidence of his own words the creator gives a huge amount of legislation, testifying about the "progression" paranoid style of South American administration, especially since 2001.

The following are more "paranoid" laws and regulations adopted in the U.S. and are present in the collection of Dr. Tracy.

Act 1798 of foreign enemies. Gave the president the power to detain and deport foreigners living in the country, if their home country was at war with the United States of America. It is interesting that the provisions of this act are legitimate and now.

Espionage Act of 1917. Says crime intervention in the war, military service or attempt to assist civilizations at war with the United States.

Sedition Act of 1918. An extended version of the Espionage Act of 1917. Covers a wide range of crimes, namely, the expression of a view that exposes the government or military action in a bad light or interferes with the sale of municipal bonds.

"Operation Garden plot» / REX 84. The general plan of South American military response to the large civilian unrest in the United States. Makes the possibility of suspension of the U.S. Constitution and the declaration of martial law. Operations plan developed in response to civilian mess 1960s. At the current time for the implementation of the plan meets the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM).

Executive Order number 12656 1988. State Security Council is authorized to be the main body of the consideration of emergencies. Allows the government to increase domestic intelligence and surveillance of citizens to produce dollars. May restrict the freedom of movement within the borders of the United States and provide the government the right to isolate large groups of people.

The Law on Combating Terrorism of 1995. Allows the U.S. government to use the data from anonymous sources in the process of deportation of foreigners suspected of terrorist activities. Deportees have no right to know their own prosecutors. Establishes a separate responsibility for finance of the organization, which, according to the views of the U.S. president, is involved in terrorist activities — and even if you change the donation was not intended for terrorist activities.

USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. Enacted in response to the attacks Sept. 11, 2001 Provides a wide range of capabilities of the U.S. government: monitoring, access to personal records, monitoring financial transactions, educational, medical and other sources, listening to telephone disc
ussions, tracking electric-mail, the Web and mobile monitoring calls. By "crime of domestic terrorism" law include activities antimilitarist activists, large-scale demonstrations for justice, protection of the environment … and even animal rights. In vseobyatnoe legitimate definition can be included civilian disobedience and dissent — at least some kind. The law created purposely vague — that mark almost everything that will be declared a "terrorist" by the government's discretion.

According to the law, the U.S. government may confiscate or freeze all zabugornye and domestic assets at least some individual or organization accused of participating, planning, support, or concealing the commission of acts that are deemed domestic or international terrorism against America.

Creation of the Department of State Security of the United States (DHS), 2001. This structure is created in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. In fact, this branch of the federal United States government, which is the domestic equivalent of South American Department of Defense. The main responsibilities of DHS: protection of the United States and U.S. territories from terrorist attacks, and from man-made accidents and natural disasters. In fiscal year 2011, this structure has been allocated a budget of 98,800,000,000 dollars, 66.4 billion was spent. $, And worked in the state of 200,000 people.

Defense act authorizing John Warner (HR 5122) in 2007. Allows the U.S. president to declare "state of emergency" to send troops to any point in the country and take control of their own government with the help of the State Guard, without the consent of the governor or local authorities — with that purpose in order to "suppress the disturbance of public order."

Authorizing the National Defence Act, 2011. Refers cases of domestic terror investigations and interrogations are also in the hands of the military. Allows you to remove the corresponding legal function for life to be detained at least some rights, including the South American citizen. To hold such detention should only South American government's assertion that these comrades — the terrorists.

The program "Communities Against Terrorism", in 2011. The FBI and the Justice Department has organized a campaign to verbovaniyu workers as much as 20 May industries to spy on their employees and citizens in general. Spies must transmit reports to the federal authorities. Messrs. spies recruited under this program there in hotels, motels, in the middle of the staff dive operators in the middle of the drivers, real estate agents, servants tattoo parlors, Internet cafes workers, etc.

The order of the food supply, 2012. This decree, passed March 16, 2012, updates the imperative features of the president. Upon entry into force of the order the president has the right to take control of all municipal sources of energy, including oil and natural gas, gain control of all civilians in transportation and even provides the possibility of reintroduction of conscription to the merits of both military and non-military objectives of the country.

The acquisition by the Department of State Security (DHS) ammunition in an amount sufficient to eliminate the entire U.S. population. 2012. DHS signed an agreement with defense contractors to "indefinite delivery" almost 500 million massive ammunition for .40 caliber firearms. The Department states that the continued supply of waiting for 5 years.


It must be admitted: Mystery, piously believe in the goal of social transformation, intense fighting for the approval and implementation of their own thoughts, and in fact may qualify those comrades who they do not like. In the great democratic country, accustomed to command and conquer the world parade Dissent very simply declare terrorists or their supporters, including financial ones. At least some of the hotel porter, a hairdresser, a tattoo artist, a diver or a taxi driver can deliver you to the police or DHS. And shall explain later on pure British language to some callous in Guantanamo spices, that you know do not understand the bearded al-Zawahiri.

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