Paris again threatens Iran

Paris again threatens Iran

Salting of the French Republic to the United Nations Gerard Aro September 27 did statement that against the Iran can be carried out a military operation, if the Iranian administration has completed the development of its own nuclear utilities that reported Agence France-Presse.

According to him, if for this dilemma is not reached an agreement with Tehran, the "severe risk will be the beginning of military operations." With all of this French salting added that a military strike on Iran's state will be "extremely difficult" task, which would lead to "catastrophic consequences" for the entire Middle East region.

According to the views of Gerard Aro, this development is very possible because "some countries simply can not exist for itself Iran, armed nuclear bomb. " Apparently, the Frenchman was referring to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Specifically, the representatives of these states did not once talk about the unacceptability of their occurrence in Iran nuclear weapons.

It must be remembered that this statement French ambassador to the UN in common the fact that not so long ago said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, which read about the ability to "pre-emptive strikes on Iran" under certain circumstances.

Then Tehran officially condemned the statements of the French president, adding that in the event of military aggression against Iran certainly respond aggressor countries. The Iranian administration insists on only the peaceful disposition of its own nuclear programs from, but in a number of Arab states, Israel and the West in these words are not enough to those who believe.

Earlier, South American, Israeli military and politicians once made the statement that the existence of an armed Iranian nuclear weapon countries do not allow it. To eliminate the "Iranian nuclear threat" they promised to use "all means".

In the near future anti-Iranian sentiment has accelerated Western politicians. Since September 22, the British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking at the UN General Assembly, the Islamic Republic has promised to "Arab Spring." He has already done on September 3 very brutal statement. Having said that, as the opportunity arises, London is ready to perform "following a military operation."

Earlier, the head of the defense department of the United States Leon Panetta has forecast that the Iranian Revolution — "just a matter of time."

So Makar, we litsezreem that the Western world, especially with markedly in Paris, London and Washington, quite spirited pace the same path as the Third Reich. There is a construction of the "Fourth Reich", we wish to admit it or not, but it's a fact. Repeated harsh 30s, the aggressor more frequently spits on international law by attacking those countries that have maintained a degree of independence. Trying to save his parasitical system due to recent world war, which "fog of."

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