Patriety the service Berezovsky, the State Department and NATO

Immediately explain prohindeev for those who, after reading this note to scream about "the biggest sided oranzhizma": I totally alien to the political position of Alexei Navalny and Vladislav Naganova.

But primitive razoblachitelstvo with which the "true patriots" and "fiery antioranzhisty" pounced on Naganova for his performance against the NATO base in Ulyanovsk, forcing me to speak on the merits. Especially since my article on the dilemma of many references in the polemical texts.

So, the first point.

It seems that someone did not suit the political position of Navalny and Naganova acting against unfortunate "transit point" of NATO in Ulyanovsk, this does not imply that the planned NATO base on the Volga — in the interests of Russia.

Those who have a conscience and love for RF, one can study the serious and qualified analysis of the question, once again, in my publications, showing complete deadlock Afghan and NATO policy of Russian Federation, and that this is very unsafe for the RF deadlock urgently needed, running to get out.

But the semi-official propagandists rushed to use speech and Naganova against Navalny base in only harmful to transfer the attention of active Russian people on the nature of the case is completely extraneous issues. Reading the wildly uneducated and hysterically shrill attacks on these 2-bloggers, there is a firm sense that it themselves Naganov and Bulk opposed the base for its intended task of the Kremlin, that their performance could be used to undermine the position of opposing base.

In truth, it's just a gift to the official lies, those advocates of the "patrieta" Rogozin profile department or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The fact is that the Russian people protested plans to put NATO on the Volga — even more so, in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad majestically when Reddish Army specifically on the Volga river broke the back of Hitler's war machine.

But it just right and arrived performances Naganova Navalny, and here, the arrows were again moved swiftly through the company shirokomyslennogo howling: once these bloggers against NATO base means a NATO base in the heart of — it is good!

Allegedly, after clear the degree that, as Navalny and Naganov — U.S. State Department agents, their opposition to the NATO base in Ulyanovsk were paid for by the State Department as follows, ergo, NATO on the Volga — suprotiv State Department and the utility for the country. What was required to prove!

The gallant logic! The most important thing, the brakes just right, otherwise any fool can break up and dash into their own violent fantasies on, drawing conclusions about what the State Department, he says, is waging a war against NATO …

Second paragraph.

From this hideous version should be just what the PR spin doctors and completely occupied the Kremlin and serving it, "media", and ultimately our high-ranking bureaucrats just finished an interest in real neuvvyazkami and the state, caring only about ratings and propaganda putting public problems.

This is a big mistake. This is a huge mistake to Putin, which, if not given on this Balde Caudle stupid and irresponsible political consultants, to illumine will be in a disastrous situation.

Third paragraph.

Of course, next to the top leaders of the country simply do not have professionals and professionals who have had the situation in Afghanistan and understand the strategy and the strategy of NATO's actions in the world today. And if there is another pair, then their opinion is destined to languish somewhere in the bowels of a lieutenant of the GRU, SVR, the Foreign Ministry and the like

What did ask a hapless bloggers and writers?!

They are in the best case can represent the world as a continuous manipulation and expose the "customer campaigns" or rant at the kitchen or toilet, according to Rogozin, geopolitics.

From the beginning of this epic is clear is that after reading just confirmed a longish post: the world for this ill-fated network hamster "anti-Orange" orientation is a struggle of good and evil principles — from "raskachivateley situation" and its stabilizers.

In this world at the Lenin Kerrigan completed.

10 years of war in Afghanistan as a base global discrepancy, the reality of the Taliban, a Pashtun, Afghanistan, the Great Near East, NATO, the United States, the history of the formation of the Afghan and NATO policies in the depths of Russian agencies and services — all of this truly global and real for those just do not try to be clever talkers exists.

There raskachivateli and stabilizers. The rest — not interested.

Essentially they have nothing to say, and these Kerrigan right after the other Losers of repeated propaganda nonsense, do not understand the question — for example, how to read only a technical, not having absolutely no value on the composition allowed the transit of equipment and property of the Russian Federation Government Resolution of 28 March 2008 N 219 "On the Procedure for ground transit through the locality Russian Federation weapons, military equipment and military property, subsequent to the address of international forces to promote security in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and in working towards."

The very title of this resolution shows exactly what we are talking only about the transit procedure. But no, Kerrigan link to some Liskova who by his own extravagant conclusions "proved" that attached to the Resolution list — a "list of what is not covered by the agreement on transit, and not something that will be transported through the territory of Russia by land or air-ground transit, "and further considered necessary to show the world its ability to compose and subtract:" By the way, if you really curious as to what will be going through the base in Ulyanovsk, then by accident government regulations can be trivial to fix it — a process of elimination. "

How can a document on transit subtract something in military equipment or property — it asks for a serious analysis is not in print, and in clinics or Serbian Kashchenko.

Fourth paragraph, last.

Imposed on the country elected the format of "Orangemen-antioranzhisty" has struck the country and the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin's enormous birth trauma.

The upcoming sequel empty razoblachitelstva uneducated savage "patrietami" just ruin the country. And the blame for this are these fiery stabilizers with dizziness.

Is it time to throw this complete base agitprop and start wasting power on the creation, on the positive solution of the urgent tasks? Concentrate on projects development and translation of our very inefficient and therefore corrupt country on the rails of the project creative?

In another soon even intelligent people reincarnated as patriotic common hamsters.

That's just one — horrible for me — an example, the famous patriot (without the quotes) Nikolai Starikov.

A link to the speech Starikova about Afghanistan sent me one of the readers of subsequent significant words: "The Old Man says that" cooperation "with NATO — when out of 2-evils choose the least. After all, politics — it is always a bargain, as annoying it did not sound … If you do not give a base, they will be in our prepyadstviya Central Asia + orange + plague Caucasus — knock on painful points ".

I started by reading, so as to more or less closely studying the situation with NATO's Afghan operation saying that everything is just the opposite (concise but comprehensive analysis is presented in the video for "How NATO fighting a war i
n Afghanistan against RF — Analysis ").

But when I watched the video clip with the answers Nikolai Starikov, my tremor was — I was just dumbfounded. His eyes on the blue states that our homeland should support NATO in Afghanistan, because, although NATO officials creation of heroin grown by 44 times, 20 thousand a year dying from heroin in Russia (actually more than a minimum of one and a half times, and, most likely in 2 — 3 times) — is, quote, "the lesser evil" in comparison to the fact that, sit down, the victory of the Taliban in the war will cause a lot of refugees, followed suit … for which the Taliban will move themselves, and Central Asia will be destabilized …

With all due respect to Nikolai Starikov refuse to recognize neboleznnenost of his "Reflections". It can be seen fighting has severely oranzhizmom hopefully reparable damage to his head.

According to another as much as possible to make this juggling with 2 of these "ashes": now as 10 years once a year being killed by heroin-10 of the thousands of Russian young people — and the only potential refugees in Central Asia, not to mention utterly beyond imagination and painful dreamed Starikov with some hangover Taliban who Tipo "will move straight for refugees"!

To get a grasp and hearken to the words of Starikova, again quoting thing: "Exit from Afghanistan would lead the Yankees to the fact that the Taliban prevail against the Taliban in the war … again kill poppy crops, but a huge number of refugees immediately moves towards Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and the right them will move and Taliban themselves, and will attempt to destabilize the region … This awareness of why we give the Yankees a corridor to import something there … And then from 2-evils to choose a smaller … ".

Patriotic Starikova only Defense Minister Serdyukov which In his letter to the State Duma in black and pure white, wrote that the creation of this Ulyanovsk "transit point" does not just harm the national security of the Russian Federation, and the right "in the best interests of the military security of the Russian Federation."

Replaced in order to seriously understand the dilemma from every platform sixteen years, from the moment that Berezovsky delivered to the Security Council of the Russian Federation Swan "warned" about the imminent arrival of the Taliban to us on the Volga, we scare fabulous Taliban (which overthrew the regime 10 years ago ) and the determination to speak Russian officialdom again and again to support the Yankees and NATO troops in Afghanistan, and now more and let NATO country.

And the same patriot Old men in fact only just continues to serve gosdepovski collated line sovereign Berezovsky.

But the Taliban on the Volga, we do not see, and NATO already on the Volga. That is the essence and time, and the work and patriet, hamsters …

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