Paul I — Hamlet disaster in Gatchina

Paul I - the tragedy of Hamlet in GatchinaRussian ruler Paul I was brutally beaten and strangled intoxicated officers in his bedroom NIGHT MODE (11) March 23, 1801 at the Mikhailovsky Castle.

The life and death of the Russian Hamlet — specifically so called Emperor Paul I — prior to the current day or wrapped lurking. Around the monarch, who became the latest victim in the history of the Russian Federation of a palace coup, walks a lot of rumors. Modern researchers have very different points of view on the activities of this diverse personalities. Some consider it a half-mad pedant fanatic drill and uniform discipline, others are associated with Peter Paul stateliness.

Birthplace of governor in the summer palace of Elizabeth and immediately after the occurrence of the light was isolated from the mother and father. Impressionable and vulnerable young boy was deprived of a mother's love, but treated kindly regal grandmother. Reckless life Catherine II after ascending the throne, along with ten infertile marriage gave rise to a lot of rumors and legends about the genetic father of Paul I. Doubts about the origin of the heirs of Russian throne existed during the reign of the empresses, because of their unrestrained lifestyle and goodwill to court peasants.

From youth to Paul had the charge of the best teachers, the program carefully coordinated training and education of the ruler there were one of the best. Due to the spiritual emphasis of teachers Paul deeply believed in God and did not change their beliefs for life. Wide zaniya in the military field have allowed him to start the reform of the army. Even Alexander, described as an opponent of the policy of Gatchina monarch transformation in this area is not canceled, and went on. If an objective analysis of the municipal activities of Paul I, possible to see that all his efforts have been focused on the reduction of the impact of the nobility. After the death of Catherine II, with whom he was heir to a very tense affairs, the policy of the country has changed dramatically. Paul always condemned and lifestyle own powerful mother, and her work because, having become king, tried to radically change the order in the country. Settled worldview that Paul sought to kill any reminders of it, but more and more researchers have expressed doubts on this assessment. Scrupulousness, pettiness and severity were strong irritant to the court environment caressed by Catherine.

Reform of the army has angered representatives of the nobility, but was impartial necessity. The fact that at the time of entry of Paul I to the throne, Russian army going through another crisis. Most of the nobles there were in the army, but in practice did not carry the service. Because at the officer shall be appointed by the elite of society, which did not have any practical or sometimes theoretical skills and knowledge, management of the military forces of the empire became bestalantnym. Decrees of the ruler of a similar practice was stopped, the army began to rebuild the Prussian standard.

Russian historians and contemporaries Paul I tried to put a ruler or a mad fool. His condemnation of the perfidious policy, but forgets that Prussia at the time of the reign of Paul I, possessed of strongest army and the best example is the military organization. In addition, the name of Frederick has not been forgotten, and his leadership talent is not disputed. By studying the biography of Paul and his writings, one can conclude that Monsieur was not just educated, and far-sighted politician. Special reverence ruler took Kutuzov and other more well-known and professional identity, and in the social circle included the educated and pochetaemye people. The governor has limited the right of landowners to serfdom, forbidding her days are Sundays and setting the border in three day or a week, sparking murmurs landowners. The measure, in fact, was a reasonable and directed not only to the establishment of the order, and the increase in the overall standard of living and well-being of serfs.

Paul I - the tragedy of Hamlet in Gatchina Paul I had a nice family man, but, usually, had a mistress Anna Gagarin, which was named in honor of one of the orders. The ambience of the ruler is constantly cultivated his suspicions regarding his wife, recalling the story of his parents. The universal cause irritation and excessive zeal for order, regulation of all aspects of life, warmth and severity bordering on ruthlessness. The governor welcomed the punishment in the army and in person could disrupt epaulettes at the guilty officers, and bring them to justice or to send to Siberia. He was rushed to the decisions and just fell into a rage. From time to time the regulation of life was so hyperbolized and sanctions for violations of the highest so that the stories about the madness of the autocrat seemed plausible. In the middle of the ruler of unpopular decisions may be referred to the invitation of the Pope in Russia, also decrees the form of some clothes and hairstyles, and even routine day or crews. Because of the complex disposition of the emperor atmosphere reigned in the community hard, no one can be at peace for their subsequent fate.

Death offspring majestic Catherine was sad — it devoured its own nationals. It must be emphasized that Paul ascended to the throne in circumstances suggest that Catherine bequeathed the throne of his own grandson, Alexander, and not the offspring. Paul I destroyed the archive mom because argue that the order of succession was not. During the period of its own non-long reign governor quashed the order of succession established by Peter Alexeyevich. The transfer of power took place today in the male strip from father to eldest son, and in the absence of such a senior in kind. Ladies from now could inherit the throne only when preventing male strip. The era of palace coups, so Makarov, was complete. The drama of destiny Paul became the latest victim of the coup.

Organizational management conspirators produced a close friend of the governor — Peter Palen, participated in it, and Nikita Panin. Recently the komplot was discovered, and the role it Palen explained to the emperor as a deliberate act to prevent it and expose the criminals. Must be seen to convince the Count could. Recently the implementation of the plan dangerous Alexander again swore his own father, but all the same revolution was brought to life. Paul I was out of the Mikhailovsky Palace and his hopes for salvation right before the murder.

The idea of overthrowing Paul appeared at the first nobility of their deprivation of benefits already in 1799. Gatchinsky monarch did not consider the tendency of the Russian court to change unwanted rulers. The successor of Alexander the policy of enlightened absolutism was more applicable to the court environment, particularly because of his and bowed to komplotu. Researchers estimate that the number of supporters headed for the overthrow of the time of the coup three hundred people. The plan was limited to dismissal from the power of the emperor, but it is not murder, but the Count Palen well aware that leaving Paul alive inappropriate. Supporters resident Gatchiny in society still had, and its existence was a real danger of
the reign of Alexander. So Makar, the conspirators realized that the death of Paul I is imminent, but krivodushno discussed order arrest victim and her own imprisonment.

According to some reports, I asked myself, Alexander Count Palen not kill his father, is not enough, realizing the absurdity of his own request, the new government claimed not to cause him any physical suffering. As history has shown, the requirement of Alexander was not enforced.

At night on 12 March (by old one style) true Pahlen Semenov regiment went to St. Michael's palace under the pretext of changing Hitters. Clarification of the night pretty quickly found a substitute. Relied on almost paranoyidalnoe Paul's zeal for order and form. The conspirators notified command of the Preobrazhensky Regiment on further parades, scheduled for the morning. Lesson Palace supporters Palen did not cause suspicion. Took over the guard without excessive noise, fear of attracting attention.

Shortly before the governor's chambers burst mass murderers, at a party at Palena poured champagne and drank to the health of Alexander. Count himself did not use alcohol, and at the time of execution was very clear reason. Drunken officers owner provoked by anger toward the current emperor, presenting all of the results of its activities in the light It is not good. As a result, the mass of angry and drunk broke into the castle, the protection of which is not meant to resist and defend the autocrat. In a panic, the ill-fated did not invent nothing best than to hide behind the curtain, but there he quickly found.

There are two main versions of the murder Paul. For some of them it was strangled scarf on another graph Zubov monarch paid a fatal blow on the temple with the heavy gold snuffbox. Most likely there was this and that, because the officers in frenzied rage mocked the helpless Paul. The ill-fated ruler brutally beaten because to realize from which he died, is now heavy. Mutilated body of an autocrat tried to disguise, but it is poorly managed. Abrasions and bruises, especially the eye and temple of the monarch is a clear evidence of the crime.
Descriptions of execution vary, because the conspirators tried to justify himself before his contemporaries for their own action and deliberately distorted the facts.

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