Residents of the Skolkovo developed domestic software

Residents of the "Skolkovo" developed domestic software to create virtual servers. This was announced today in an interview with Trend. ITAR-TASS General Director of the Russian company Parallels Research Pavel Ershov.

"Two weeks ago, the company launched its first new software. This program will satisfy all the necessary characteristics and requirements of customers. The customer can choose the desired set of requirements," — said Yershov. "We plan to further improve the product, but also look forward to the implementation of other projects that are currently working as a resident" Skolkovo ", — he said.

In turn, commending the work of scientists from Parallels Research, executive director of information technology cluster "Skolkovo" Alexander Turkot said in an interview with Trend. ITAR-TASS news agency that "the company has a strong team with a clear plan and a clear positioning." "Such strong teams unit, and they should serve as an example", — says Turkot.

The term "server" is derived from the English verb "to serve", therefore, it is designed to perform tasks for customer service network. Commands for the server, users put themselves, he quickly and accurately solves them without becoming entangled in different amounts of tasks. It is hard to imagine the work of banks, communication companies, research institutions, without combining information resources in a common network, so — no servers.

A virtual server is the same as a physical one. Inside it, you can create your own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones, the owner can delete, add or modify any files. In addition to these functions, the virtual server allows you to install your own applications, or change / modify any user-accessible application software. 

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