Rest in Russia is becoming more and more urgent

Rest in Russia is becoming increasingly importantIn planning its own long-awaited vacation, obviously we expect from it the maximum of positive memories. The right choice destinations is key to a successful, good memoir filled vacation.

Of course, all people have different tastes. Some love the exotic African tropical undergrowth, some prefer a European luxury. But amusing that in the near future, the market of tourist services interestnaya marked tendency — the inhabitants of RF have come to prefer staying in home in their home country and latitudes. Affordable and close to recreation RF summer became so are popular for many reasons.

Naturally curious look the other peoples and nations, but the stay abroad in the last time was not completely harmless: instability of the political situation, the elements of nature. Tourists are often victims of negligent tourist agencies, irresponsible bus drivers or crooks, sharks and disruptions at airports. Faced with similar challenges, with the seat in a foreign country, people are feeling and experiencing infirm of strongest stress. Obviously, neither of which kayfovye holiday we are not seeing — would be nice to come back home safe and sound!

Rest in Russia is comparable more Not dangerous, and lucky that close. After spending a couple of hours, you can be in the woods outside Moscow, near the shore of the lake, a comfortable fit in a green house in the old Russian style, but with all the modern city conveniences. You can izderzhat 6:00 and get into the classic Russian tourism — Lake Seliger, a long time to conquer the tourists own squeaky clean, plenty of fish, and generous wood.

This proximity to our home comfortable for relaxing with the children, and also do not have to waste a lot of time on the issue of visas and travel.

Conduct your own summer vacation in his native latitudes was stylishly also because as it turns out, such recreation more good for health. Adaptation and acclimatization — a typical stress on the body, and their spent at least a week of precious vacation time. Only used to, and it's time to have back again and adaptation by the native conditions. Exotic food, the other water, vitamins overseas, unfortunately, are poorly digested in our bodies. Well, tan in an amount not good for the inhabitants of the middle latitudes.

Recreation in Russia is quite diverse — forests, rivers, forests and seas — and not nearly inferior imported. Away from the bustle of the big cities, in the most fresh air you can find comfortable rooms, restaurant, sauna, spa, swimming pools, ATVs, snowmobiles, boating, boats, jet skis, different anti-aging and wellness treatments, fishing, hunting, great for picnics and all almost everything else needed for a pleasant stay. For example, it's all waiting for you in a boarding house on Lake Seliger Zarucheve and at a reasonable cost. Beautiful lake district in the middle of a pine forest 320 kilometers from Moscow.

The prices are different and you will be able to elect a sitting area to meet your needs and abilities. Vacationers note that rest on Seliger gives a stunning burst of energy, which is enough for at least a year.

In general, choosing a place to stay, it makes sense to think about. It is worth wasting a lot of money on the comfort that you can get there and cheaper. A deal, of course, just for you!

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