ROCKET «BrahMos» successfully hit the target SHIP

It is early afternoon on board the Indian Navy’s new frigate INS Teg had a successful test of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile with a range of 290 km and capable of carrying a warhead of everyday 300 kg reports citing sources agency.
Rocket at high altitude maneuvers and hit the target ship, which burns so far. Frigate INS Teg was built on a Russian factory «Amber», the next two ships of this type — INS Tarkah and INS Trikand — also will be equipped KR BrahMos. The missile is launched from the vertical launch installation is a two-stage — the first stage solid propellant, the second armed ramjet engine. KR this type already in service with the army and navy, aircraft for the Air Force version is on terminating the testing stage.
KR started to come into service with the Indian Navy in 2005 (INS Rajput). Rocket with underwater launch also shows progress in the development, the source said.
The Army has placed orders for equipment 3 regiments, two of which are already in service of the Army. Underway with a third regiment deployed in Arunachal Pradesh. Indo-Russian joint venture Brahmos Aerospace continues to work on versions of missiles to aircraft and submarines.

photo — missile frigate INS Teg (F45) of the Indian Navy

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