Roscosmos increases the accuracy of GLONASS

On Wednesday, the International Satellite Navigation Forum in Moscow, it was stated that in terms of accuracy than GLONASS American counterpart GPS. "To date, the accuracy of GLONASS is 6 meters and 7 meters GPS", — Said the deputy head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Shilov. He added that in the next one or two years, the accuracy of the receivers of the Russian system is planned to increase almost threefold — to one to two meters, RBC reports.

According to him, for the success of the GLONASS system, you must have at least 24 orbiting satellites. He noted that the orbital group will be brought before this August after the next launch of the satellite "Glonass-M". Now three spacecraft are tested, and a new device being tested.

"In July and August will launch a" Glonass-M ", in September and October will be another three-run (satellite navigation) from the Baikonur", — he said. Shilov said that before launching the next conduct all the necessary tests and observe the precautions given the accident that occurred on December 5, 2010.

Shilov also said that to date, the GLONASS system have 23% of the aircraft of the Russian Federation, 87% of marine and river vessels, 80% of government vehicles.

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