RUSNANO — results of five-year plan


The prefix "nano" appeared in Russia in 2007. In the beginning of the way domestic nanoindustry associated with a pair of tens of innovative businesses, established scientists enthusiasts, and today it is a full-fledged part of the economy with annual revenues of almost 150 billion rubles. 

According to the forecasts of the head of the corporation "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais, the volume of Russian technology products 2012 will reach 25 billion rubles. For comparison, in 2010 production reached 1 billion rubles., In 2011 — 11 billion rubles.
Director of the Department of programs to stimulate demand Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, Alexander Morozov estimates the total volume of investments in Russian technology companies over the last 5 years, 1 trillion rubles. Almost half of this amount was invested in projects "RUSNANO". "The share of project companies established with foreign capital corporations is 30%. The state corporation "RUSNANO" focuses on investments of large size. If we invested 250 billion rubles., Our partners — at least 280-300 billion rubles. ", — Said Mr. Morozov. According to him, for three years, sales of nano-products and, consequently, the volume of production must increase by three times compared to today.
The plans "RUSNANO" in 2012 to reach total volumes of innovative production of 900 billion rubles. The volume of sales of businesses, invested by the corporation itself, to grow to 300 billion rubles. year.
However, despite the growth and development of the field nanoeksperimentov still far from perfect. The lack of support for research and development, skills shortages, the difficulty of entering the "difficult" markets, the so-called "volokitny" barrier — a costly and protracted mechanism launching products in circulation in the market, but it's not all the problems of the young innovative businesses in Russia. The problem of business innovation rests not in specific amounts and terms, and in the development of regulations on the legal ordering of the review process and the signing of documents, as many projects do not reach because of the paperwork.
However, even taking into account the systemic problems, the executive director of market innovation and investment exchanges Moscow Gennady Margolit assesses the Russian technology business is quite optimistic. He expects that within a year and a half on the market will boom placements innovative companies. According to him, the stock market in the near future may come out "RUSNANO" and "Russian Venture Company" (RVC). "Next year will be marked by" RUSNANO ", — says Mr. Margolit.
Today in Russia about a half dozen companies that are willing to go public, but that does not suit the current market conditions so unfavorable for the IPO of innovative companies.
Indeed, if only in 2010-2011 on MICEX MII has added more than 10 new issuers, including "DIODE", "Pharmsynthez" and "RTN", how many IPO could take place in the coming years, with favorable market conditions and the output on the sales figures, alleged "RUSNANO"? Another powerful factor in the development of technology businesses in Russia, of course, will be the creation of interbranch association tech enterprises. Coordination of its work will fund infrastructure and educational programs. Future organization, a kind of collective intelligence, will open up new opportunities for companies — to sell products, to increase recruitment for the industry to interact with the innovation infrastructure — and will eventually lead to an increase in business and publicity of the Russian nanotechnology industry. 



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