The next innovation in the Russian army: What to expect now?

The next innovation in the Russian army: What to expect this time?

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, only recently started to fulfill its own obligations, days are spent in a meeting with the management of the Ministry of Defence. In the process, the Minister and the military was tasked — to increment the number of contract soldiers to 425 thousand people. This must be made within the next 5 years. As the President said, this is a very difficult task, especially for the municipal budget.

With specific regard to military service, the recruits, who will arrive in military units on a contract basis, will be on a non-commissioned officers' positions and also of them will train professionals to work with new technology standards.

It is also planned to be introduced brand-new system of service, which will be based on the growth and prof qualification soldier. At the same time, for conscripts whole situation will not change — they must as before actively prepare and learn that it is not so simple, if you take into account the very rather short period of service.

In addition to these issues, Putin touched on such fundamental difficulties for the military, as foreign exchange allowance and housing, because very often there are delays in payments, the inability to frisky and proper design documentation required for an apartment. The President highlighted the need to provide up to 2013 housing for all military personnel who need it, and by 2014 — the full completion of the formation of the service of the home. As for the currency contentment, his size was increased by approximately 2.5-3 times this year.

It is worth noting that the first sample staffing Russian army contract servicemen were undertaken in 1996, during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. Then also planned to complete the transition to contract army, and military appeal was due to be abolished in 2000. But in those years, a similar initiative has not found a support of the population, so the number of contractors was comparable small — only 120 thousand people. Further attempt was made in 2003, when a reasoned example program, it is assumed a set of 350 thousand contract to 2011. As we see, this attempt was unsuccessful. At the current time, the approximate number of contract achieves about 200 thousand people.

In order to "fulfill the plan" for contract servicemen in the Russian Ministry of Defense developed a plan, which contains the legal, organizational and promotional activities, which are focused on increasing the number of recruits. Some of these measures have already been carried out.

So, once again reminded of the initiative Vasily Smirnov, with whom he made two years back, about the need to increase recruitment age to 30 years old (he is now 27 years old). Not so long ago, this idea was reiterated, is now out of the mouth of Basil Shayhrazieva, the mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny. It is possible that in the most recent time this proposal is supported by the authorities in Tatarstan, and who will direct the necessary bill to the State Duma. There is nothing unusual or extraordinary in the fact that the proposals of this kind acts of Tatarstan, no. The fact is that in the near future the situation of conscripts here one of the best. Not a lot that the region is almost always the winner of competitions on military-patriotic education, which are held by the military department. Then a smaller percentage of those who shy away from military service. Moreover, the Defense Ministry in Tatarstan spends so successful work among young people that join the army are completely happy, but to deviators took shape a negative attitude.

Already we realized programm V. Smirnov amending the law "On Military Service", according to which citizens who are subject to military service shall be without the help of others in the military conscription for the subpoenas. And even despite the fact that these amendments have caused a multi-valued relationship in the community, the Defense Ministry is confident that the legislation will be made to all configurations, and together with this order will change and awareness campaigns on the call.

Prior to the introduction of these amendments, the Defense Ministry together with the Ministry of money, education and science, DOSAAF prepares and other bills, namely to increase the prestige of military service and its appeal to young people. The need to develop similar documents reflected in the Decree of the President of the improvement of military service, which was signed on May 7 of this year.

So, in a state of development there is a set of measures that are dedicated to providing all past military service of certain benefits in the event of them in higher education. From Putin's initiative comes as the need for the creation of a system of grants for university graduates in the training in Russian and zabugornyh business schools that received military conscription. In addition, they should also be given preference in the event of the municipal service.

This Presidential initiative was a prerequisite for a huge rift in the government. Military officials insist that municipal bureaucrat can only be one Russian citizen who did his military service. Representatives of other ministries defend other positions that involve such people to give preference in the bidding process for municipal office.

Who will be the winner of this debate will have the last time. And at the moment is completely obvious that the Ministry of Defence, together with the legal measures (material and moral incentives) will take advantage and "illegal."

According to Igor Korotchenko, chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense and the Director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument, in Russian armed forces has been a trend in the professionalization of personnel. NCO corps was formed, grows percentage of contractors in the military. Once a year is planned to increase the number of contractors by 50 thousand people. He also noted that the need to transition to a contract army is associated with the first appearance of new types of military equipment and weapons that are much more difficult of old times. Excellently to deal with them and learn to use them for the period of obligatory service is virtually impossible.

I.Korotchenko also expressed confidence that Professor military contractors can be expected only from the current year, because the real security has been increased at all so long ago. Previously, the army did not want to go, so as military wages are among the lowest in the country, at the moment of their size is about 35-40 thousand rubles. For that kind of money you can dial the ordinary, decent service targeted at people. At the same time, absolutely abandon conscription government can not yet. This is due not only to the real challenges, and the need to develop a resource mobilization, which is the concept of the military service and who can call upon when needed.

In any case, despite all the incentives, a substantial number of recruits will find a "loophole" in order not to get into the army. And for a long time to find them is not necessary. Russian legislation will help them to avoid military service. We are talking about not so long ago adopted the Law "On introduction of configurations in the Law" On Education ", namely, relatively remote and electrical training.

To each of the six available forms o
f training — full-time, part-time (evening), correspondence, family education, self-education and external studies — can be used distance learning technology (information and telecommunication networks). So Makar, after the adoption of this law, a brand new form of training — full-time telecommuting, which also falls under that list of delays, which are presented in the law "On military service and military service."

The adoption of this law is due first to the demographic crisis because of which in bolshennom number of institutions of higher education shortfall. And as branches contain economically viable, the proposed form of education "kills two birds with one stone-uh": like and recruitment is carried out and at the same time saving money to pay for the work of teachers, facilities, etc.

Of course, the desire to representatives of the educational system is completely understandable. But what of the defense capability of the country? The implication is that the price of e-learning will be small. And if, say, get a degree in full-time training costs about 100-200 thousand rubles a year, then in distance learning, this amount will be many times smaller. So, now the size of these amounts is about 27 thousand rubles year, and there is a downward trend in prices. It turns out that the "cut" from the army to become cheaper.

So Makarov, the armed forces of Russian Federation will get those recruits, whose ancestors were not able to find the correct amount to training children of their own, in other words, in the main, representatives of workers 'and peasants' social class.

At present in Russia living below the poverty line 26 percent of the population. Will there be enough kids that part of the population, so army did not need recruits? ..

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