The Russian team won first place in the competition PromAlp in Europe

October 5-7 at the training center Petzl  V.Axess were the first European competitions Industrial climbing Petzl RopeTrip 2012. V.Axess center located in Crolles, near one of the plants Petzl. 

The competition was attended by 75 people from different countries — Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Russia (3 teams), Spain, United Kingdom. The main purpose of the festival is the Petzl RopeTrip communication between industrial climbers from around the world, exploring new ways of working and discovering the best athletes. Petzl team of instructors did a great job of preparing the track for sorevnovaniy.Dlya participants was organized camping site at the plant. Many participants came with their cars and lived in tents. The team from Moscow (Eupator) made their way to 3000 km, which would see the competition.


After registration, all participants were tested accoutrements. Experts checked Petzl gear members to ensure maximum security at the event!


On Friday, all the participants were able to go the distance to try and work out to show the maximum results in qualifying, which was held on Saturday. The judges explained the procedure for passing phases and characteristics of each job.



Qualifying competitions consisted of three individual stages and one command. The first step is to rescue the victim, weighing 80 kg, who was stuck inside the dark well. For additional difficulty, the judges included a powerful fan that created deafening noise!


The second task — to collect puzzle with the logo of the festival of small pieces. At this stage, was organized by two identical parallel tracks. Participants started at the same time and competed with each other in the speed of passage of the rope and the distance to the installation of elements of the puzzle.


  The last individual assignment — to climb the tower height of 25 meters, go through the horizontal railing and come down. During this leg, the participants had to install the anchor in a concrete block and attach a plastic tube. Before the start of each participant was issued a full bucket of water which he had to carry the entire distance without spilling a single gram. This quest for accuracy.


The last stage of a team. The team must raise a weight of 120 kg, move it so that it touched the bell, and then pull it accurately at a target on the ground! Coordinated work of all the team members — the key to success.

According to the results of training a team of St. Petersburg Hyperboreas Evpator in the Anastasia Vienna, Vienna Eugene and Cherednychenko Daniel and the team from Moscow Evpator got into the final round. Professional team training center in the Merzliakov Andrew, Ivan Ilyin and Ukhina Dmitry took 11th place.

On Sunday, the semi-finals and finals were held. In the final round, the participants were presented with a long rope run multiple ascending and descending on a rope, and oblique rebelays railing. Participants hung a banner and set the flags of all the countries of the competitors. The team from St. Petersburg Hyperboreas Evpator demonstrated excellent technique and high speed operation. They took over the Spanish team Vertical Vertical and won the competition.

The winners received certificates for the purchase of equipment and Petzl bell cast by hand at the factory, which has been producing bells since 1796.

Petzl plans to organize such festivals every year in different countries.  

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