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17.07.11.Prizrak default hangs over America and Europe. Lack of money forced the U.S. President Barack Obama said that Americans can have 3 August did not get their pensions, and the country will suffer financial ruin.

In the EU, the threat of default, except for Greece, as well — Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. In these countries — a huge national debt. The situation facing the second wave of the global financial crisis, as evidenced by the European press. It touches the Ukraine — figured Gennady Vivdenko.

This counter is set on the American website truth in '12. " The top number — direct public debt at 14 trillion dollars. Below — all gosobyazatelstva U.S. — already in 75 trillion. Next satirical video image of the first persons of the country. Counted the proportion of every American at 240 thousand dollars each. Debt increases every second.

But President Barack Obama has asked the Senate to increase the maximum allowable bar debt. Simply put — allow him to borrow again.

Barack Obama — President of the United States:

This is not simply a matter of social benefits. Are payments to war veterans, disability payments — this is their checks. This is almost 70 million checks that have to come to them monthly. I can not guarantee that they will come to him for August 3, if we do not resolve this issue. Simply because the treasury is not money.

The opposition — the Republican Party — against. According to them, Obama just does not know how to manage the economy.

Mitch McConnell — Senator, Republican leader in the U.S. Senate:

Where the plan of the President? When he's going to put his cards on the table? This increase in debt limit — his problem, and I think it's time to put a plan on the table — something that Congress can approve.

If you add up the U.S. national debt in a pack of one hundred dollar bills, then the height of the structure exceeds the diameter of the Earth. Publication of the "Wall Street Journal" has estimated that if the United States will return a borrowing rate of 1 dollar per second — that it would require about half a million years.

However, if the Republicans will not allow America to increase more debt — to 2 August — then the world's largest economy will default.

This video created by "BBC" explains — in the Old World the same raging debt crisis. That's the main reason — in a number of EU countries — bloated debts that threaten the collapse of the single European currency. Crisis countries are reducing their spending and again asked for financial assistance.

Elena Salgado Mendez — Spanish Finance Minister:

I speak on behalf of Spain. I believe we should try to avoid the possibility of being in such a difficult situation. We all need the help of all the members of the European Union.

Giulio Tremonti — Finance Minister of Italy:

We are in a drama, and are facing a dilemma for Europe and the euro. Or we go forward, or sink. No one should have any illusions that he will be saved. Like on the Titanic — even first-class passengers are not saved.

After the events in Greece's debt crisis are covered — Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. International rating agencies reduce the assessment of these countries, and it is almost impossible for them to borrow money from private investors.

It looks like a protest on a page in a social network. Here, more than a hundred thousand citizens of Portugal opposed assessments of rating agencies, considering that they already aggravated situation in the country.

American debt crisis for Ukrainian citizens is yet unnoticed. Here are some European resurfaced. Value of the euro at the beginning of the week in a fever — rate first fell, then to the end of the week almost regained their positions.

Cause of fever — lies in the curves. This falling prices for government bonds in Italy, Ireland, Portugal — explains Ukrainian banker Peter Baron. He says such jumps euro Ukrainians have become accustomed. Problem countries the EU has helped with money from Brussels, but they will have to drastically reduce debt.

Peter Baron — chairman of the board of a commercial bank:

They just brought down the temperature and certainly not cure the disease. So it can not win in five minutes to cure takes years and is very painful. Nobody wants to raise taxes, no one wants to cut costs in the public sector and so on.

On the table Basil Yurchishin — chart of the dollar against the euro. The economist believes that if the U.S. currency is growing — it means that the financial players do not expect a bad outcome.

Basil Yurchishin — Economist Center. Razumkov:

And if the dollar is stable now — it will be stable and the global financial system. This option is that Americans spit on everything and collapse — I think — it is not realistic.

End of the world global financial system is transferred — sure and U.S. economist Mark Weisbrot. He says it's all politics on the eve of the U.S. presidential election next year. The Republicans in their media hype the issue of default.

Mark Weisbrot — Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (Washington):

This is a ridiculous situation. Everyone is talking about the default. But you can be sure that nothing like this will not happen. Just some of the media pretend that there is a serious threat.

As long as the counter to the U.S. website with relentless pace continues to charge the amount of U.S. debt, the designers of the Internet space fun never ends. It looks like the U.S. crisis on posters.

At the same time, European leaders are preparing new injections into troubled EU countries and amateur pop group jeering debt crisis in the Old World.

— And the EU is paying on time! Hundred billion soon we will, in the hands of a hundred billion fall!

Gennady Vivdenko, Drabok Maxim, Maxim Cheblin — "The details of the week" TV channel "Inter".

Source: Detail-TV

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