Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

In the first half of April 1929 the Soviet-Afghan border, near the town of Termez, which is located in Tajikistan, crossed the cavalry detachment, numbering 2,000. All the fighters of the mysterious squad were well equipped and armed, despite the fact that they were dressed in Afghan army uniforms, they talked among themselves in the Russian language. The crossing took place at almost the same place where 50 years later, in December 1979, crossed the fortieth army troops of the USSR.

Commanded a Turkish officer Raghib Bey, who was in fact Russian military attache in Afghanistan VM Primakov.

Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

Vitaly Markovich Primakov

The structure of the control unit were also several personnel of Afghan officers. They are all headed by Primakov under General Ghulam Nabi Khan Charkhi, the then Ambassador of Afghanistan to the USSR, which producing the overall management of the super secret special operation, which was meant to play a role in the fate of Afghanistan.

In the month prior to the events described Charkhi, together with the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan met in secret with the situation personally by Stalin. At that meeting, most likely open a discussion measures that can make the management of the Soviet Union to assist the legitimate government, led by Amanullah Khan, the deposed ordinary rebels. The outcome of this meeting was Stalin's instruction to urgently make a voluntary detachment of special purpose. The detachment was created near the Afghan border in Tashkent of the volunteers who took away the deputy commander of the Central Asian Military District M. Germanovich.

Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

Amanullah Khan

At the time of the squad on the ground in Afghanistan political situation in the country, as was usually unstable. Kabul was captured by another adventurer, a rebel, a new self-proclaimed emir Habibullah (Bacha Saqao). Which by some sources was an agent of British super spy, Colonel Lawrence, but others do not obey or anyone, and was a regular leader of a gang of bandits and robbers, smogshim on a wave of popular discontent by their government to organize a large-scale riot.

Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

Habibullah Bacha-Sakao

The ousted Habibullah, Amanullah Khan, also did not differ special devotion to the Soviet Union and is constantly based on your own interests, maneuvered between London and Moscow. After the overthrow of Amanullah asking for help from the Soviet Union, immediately preparing a counter-offensive on Kabul is not somewhere, and with local British colony, India.

Once with a group of Raghib Bey moved to Kabul remnants of the former emir of the faithful.

Immediately after crossing the border Russian detachment in support of military aircraft entered the act, which is destroying the Afghan border posts Gisar Pat. To the rescue with its other border post Siyah-Gerd sent reinforcements, which was also destroyed one hundred percent. Troop Raghib Bey went so successfully started their own march in the direction of the 1st of the main economic and political centers of Afghan Turkestan Mazar-i-Sharif.

The next day, while continuing to own the winning campaign, Russian squad captured the town Kelif, whose garrison in panic struck after the first gun shots and a few machine guns. The next day, without a single shot was taken Khanabad city, defenders who fled to Mazar-i-Sharif. A string of instant wins, gave hope that the raid on Kabul will be a cakewalk, but the main difficulties were ahead.

Habibullah (Bacha Saqao), received alarming news of the invasion with a certain delay, nor wavered Minutka who these mysterious warriors in the Afghan form, and why they came. On his instructions, his authorized in Mazar-e-Sharif called a council military leaders, scholars, Islamists and heads of administration, which was declared a jihad and a decision to act towards wrong.

And April 22, 1929 Primakov squad rushed to the outskirts of Mazar-i-Sharif, and entered into a fierce battle with the town of intercessors. Resistance militia was stubborn, fierce battle lasted all day, all decided firepower Russian squad, machine gun fire, thick chain counterattacking almost swept away, turning into a mountain of dead and the wounded. In stubborn, fierce battle, Mazar-i-Sharif was taken all the same, but the hope was gone for a walk with the capture of the town.

After the capture of Mazar-e-Sharif, it was clear that despite assurances to call Nabi Khan, who promised that the expedition to Kabul to join the majority of the population, the Afghans were not eager to join the squad. A week in the Afghan Battalion detachment had accumulated no more than five hundred people. The idea of world revolution were alien, deeply religious population of Afghanistan, the vast majority belonged to the intruder liberators openly rebellious.

After the 1st day or respite Afghans attempted to kick the invaders out of Mazar-i-Sharif. C religious chants, thick chain Afghan militia and a soldier from the garrison of the fortress adjacent Deydadi, went to a frontal attack on the dense fire machine guns and artillery pieces. After several fanatically religious attacks in Tashkent went first cryptograms for help.

The rescue squad was sent with machine guns, who came upon the superior forces of the militia and had to withdraw. It was possible only with the help of aviation detachment to deliver additional ammunition and several guns.

Soon Afghan commanders, realizing the futility of capture Mazar-i-Sharif by the assault, fled to the siege, blocking the ditches and leaving the city without water.

In the Afghan battalion, which was part of Primakov's squad unrest began that threatened to grow into a riot. In Tashkent left another cryptograms, later: "The final decision of the intended target lies in the mastery of Deydadi and Balkh. Need technique. Issue would be resolved, if I could get 200 gas grenades to the guns. Besides, you need to do more maneuverability squad. If we can expect that the situation will change and we'll get help, I'll defend the town. If you can not count on the help, I'll play all in and go take Deydadi. "

After the radiographs squad was given a significant help. The rescue squad was sent to the next, numbering 400 men, who managed to break through border checkpoints Afghans who gets in the way of detachment, was almost swept away by machine-gun and artillery fire. Detachment was commanded by one of the Russian m
ilitary commanders under the name Zelim Khan, his real name is and remains unknown. Also caused significant damage to aircraft precipitating Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghan troops.

Having made a quick, two-day toss squad Zelim Khan went to Mazar-i-Sharif. Joint with the besieged blow he managed fold Afghans from Mazar-i-Sharif.

The next day already consolidated, Russian squad took the castle Deydadi, capturing great trophies. After a short duration stay, the squad has moved further to the south, encountering along the way cavalry Ibrahim Bek, numbering 3,000 men and entered with them into battle.

Machine-gun and artillery fire, Russian squad managed to disperse the attackers cavalry dushmans, boiled ruthless struggle, the Afghans resisted fiercely, skillfully wielding swords and spears. After half an hour after the start of the battle arrived in time to help dushmans another detachment, numbering 1,500 men, under the command of the military adviser Habibullah Seyyed Hussein. It is not clear what would complete this fierce battle, which lasted for two hours if it were not for the military resourcefulness Zelim Khan. On his orders to Seyyed Hussein had been expelled from the squad captured Ibrahim Bey, who told him that three thousand of them in the squad survived only three, 2,500 killed and 176 taken prisoner. Prevention work, the Afghans gave up.

Next squad Raghib Bey (Primakov) continued coming, capturing large town Tashkurgan and Balkh. By the time the squad had command Avzalov Ali Khan (AI Cherepanov reddish Army career officer) Primakov was summoned to Moscow, where, and was taken to a specially flown in an airplane for him.

Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

Alexander Cherepanov

Follow the instructions Primakov Avzalov Ali Khan continued to advance deeper into Afghanistan. But soon came the news of the squad that Seyyed Hussein managed to pull up the freshest Division and unexpected blow to seize Tashkurgan, cutting communication unit, now Avzalov Ali Khan. I had to deploy a detachment and vorachivatsya to beat Tashkurgan. As a result, a fierce two-day battle Russian squad managed to capture the city again.

During the battle squad Cherepanov (Avzalov Ali Khan) has spent almost all the shells, machine guns and more than half the guns are out of order. A successful final surgery became ghostly, despite the victories. By the time all the local population is very militant belonged to the order of the liberators, which was a significant threat and an obstacle as well.

In addition, Amanullah Khan, a month back who wanted to return lost the title of Emir, at one point decided to end the fight, and taking with him a gold and municipal funds, fled to the West. The situation appeared diverse, the acts of Russian troop began receiving temper anger against a sovereign country, and Stalin gave the order to finish the expedition, and to withdraw squad Cherepanov (Avzalov Ali Khan).

Despite the lessons acquired, the political control of Russian Union did not bother to draw conclusions and again after half a century has decided to assist a friendly Afghanistan. As a result, the area of a sovereign country introduced a limited contingent of troops, and history repeated itself. The Soviet Union was embroiled in a hopeless, bloody, decade-long war against the numerous armed groups from the local inhabitants.

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