Voronezh Region hurricane. Video


1.08.11.Na several southern Voronezh region hit by rain squally wind. Emergency walked a narrow strip of a few tens of kilometers.

Disaster lasted only 15 minutes. But, for example, in the area affected Buturlinovsky over a hundred houses, some have completely lost their roofs, including the medical center, knocked down dozens derevev.Po According to witnesses, the wind lifted into the air and cars.

Badly damaged town of Kamensk Pavlovsky District, many houses ripped sheets of slate. In total, damaged more than three thousand square meters of the roof.

At one of the premises covered current metal profile frustrated with sheathing boards and curled into a tube. Dining room on the building, not only claimed the slate, but the brick gable and fell. According to witnesses, the visibility in the storm dropped up to two meters.

Yuri Stepkin, an eyewitness: "The roofs of buildings posryvalo so that was scary. Concrete slab in the fence, combine "Field", which was being renovated, moved to 5-10 meters. Now, imagine what power the wind was. "


Source: STRC "Voronezh"


Uploaded VasoVRN, date: 01.08.2011


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