Wang left a follower

Great prophetess Vanga shook the world with their predictions. World froze as a great woman died. It would seem that no one else to predict the future, but the mankind has been wrong.

During the life of Wang said that after she is born on Earth its successor, and that the birth of her will in a small village in France. Wang claimed that the girl will be blind, but the whole world will be talking about it. The girl will have a great deal of knowledge and extraordinary abilities.

In 2011, the world learned the name of the successor of Vanga. She was a little girl Kaede of the French population. The girl has the features of development: it slowed motor skills, there is a genetic disorder, mental peculiarities. In Kaede drops sharply vision, soon she is completely blind.

At the extraordinary ability girls parents noticed immediately. But when many of the predictions have come true, the parents began to worry in earnest. Kaede predicted strong leg injury brother, birth aunts, grandmothers disease and many other things. As she says Kaede, it's all she's told the spirits that come to it mostly at night. The girl does not want to come to her strange creatures, but can not change anything. When Kaede asked about Vanga, she said she did not once spoken to Vanga night.

The girl claims that in 2012 waiting for the unpleasant consequences: people should prepare for a nuclear explosion, and the East ended the conflict. Kaede keeps saying that the loss of vision, she sees a brighter future of the planet. Parents still hiding her daughter from the public, especially from the media because they want peace and quiet.

In her biography of many white spots. We'll just have to wait and see whether there is a small French prophetess of the second world or not.

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