Why is the issue of re-use of waste water is not as acute?

Why is the issue of re-use of waste water is not as acute? It is interesting

Residents African city of Durban quite concerned about the news that after three years, they may have to drink purified waste water. Despite the fact that the petition was submitted, the purpose of which was to implement a project to prevent the use of waste water, the city insisted. District Etekvini should be the first in South Africa, where the wastewater will be purified and used as drinking water.

In 2008, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry conducted a study that the consumption of water in the area much larger than the available resources, both internal and external. By 2015, over 12% of the water supplied by the water supply in the northern part of the county, will be recycled. The water will be disinfected and cleaned at the plants in the northern regions and Kvamashu district with the new equipment.

As part of the mandatory poll on the impact on the environment, the municipality has placed ads in newspapers, inviting people of Durban to express their opinion on the project. Was obtained a total of 50 reviews, the content of which varied from project support alternative proposals and recommendations to the concerns and issues. All the answers, including those who opposed the introduction of the project, recorded. More opportunities to express their views will not be because the organizers of the project believe that the granting residents 6 weeks were sufficient for all who would like to publicly express their position. Of that, the issue was covered in several local newspapers, which could ensure its wide coverage in public.

According to preliminary calculations, a cubic meter of ready-to-use water cost 7.83 rand, which is almost equivalent to one U.S. dollar. Despite the fact that the residents of Durban unthinkable consume large quantities of water compared to other districts of South Africa, filed a petition against the implementation of the project on the use of waste water for drinking only collected 266 signatures.

Only a few spoke strongly against. Perhaps this is due to the fact that a small number of the population drinks water from the tap: many boil water for hours or buy a special drinking water. Existing among the people of Durban concern is, to a large extent, with disgust. In defense of the project authorities cite the example of other countries that have a waste water for further use. Although implementation of the project is scheduled for 2015, you may see a number of reasons why the project will be implemented later.

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