A new kind of wind turbine in the fight for the environment

A new kind of wind turbine in the fight for the environment to save the planet

The administration of a medical research center in Oklahoma has found its original method of power generation, fully meets the latest environmental trends. In a special compartment in the roof of the center of three parallel rows of 18 vertical mounted helical wind turbine height of 5.6 m, which supply 40-meter building with electricity.

The turbines are made of an alloy of aluminum and steel, which gives them the necessary strength and at the same time allows its direct functions and turning around freely. It is believed that this model (Venger Wind Model 2) can produce 85,500 kilowatt / hours of electricity annually, enough to supply the entire 12 months of seven average U.S. homes, not to mention a research center.
Of course, such a source of green energy can not work continuously, depending on weather conditions. The turbines generate electricity when the weather caused this. When conditions are unsuitable, the center is automatically connected to the traditional local power supply. Yet so CO2 emissions are reduced by 906 tons per year, and the use of petrol — to 166 320 liters.
Perhaps, in their global "green trail" in the fight against greenhouse gases remain unnoticed, but at the level of the city or even county, this attempt to make the world cleaner and friendlier completely successful.

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