A strong storm hit Scotland

A strong storm hit Scotland Natural Disasters

The storm that hit Scotland December 8, 2011, is considered the worst in 15 years. Wind gusts reached 265 kilometers per hour. Across the country were reported shortages of electricity, and in some parts of the house were badly damaged. On the same day, the authorities warned that some of the country's population remains without power until the weekend, as engineers need to connect more than 70 million homes. Schools and businesses were temporarily closed.

December 9, almost all electrical problems have been solved. Although the majority of schools, businesses, and service offices resumed work, the movement of public transport and has not been adjusted because of the vast amount of rubble and debris on the roads. This also applies to the railroad, which temporarily ceased passenger services throughout Scotland. Airports in Glasgow and Edinburgh did not stop working, but many flights were canceled or delayed. The damage caused by the storm of hurricane force, is about $ 160 million.

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